Kin Folk

...an awakening.

K. Maybe last blog is an never ending example of how I freak out friends over my clear willingness to take in everything. Including an Oversoul! Rest assured, I've got Richard Dawkins lying around here somewhere. Though, granted, his pages are probably securing the leg of a once wobbly chair. Kidding! But I read The God Delusion...fine, most of it.

Anyway, I'll never forget sitting in a lecture and hearing a prof say:
Go Aristotelian. Go with your thesis then study its antitheses and trust the middle to be a synthesis somewhere closer to the truth. You'll know.

And Dawkins is brilliant? Actually, he is. And so was my prof! Let's not forget Hawkins, though! He didn't dismiss the possibility of God ~ Supreme Consciousness ~ like Dawkins but the caveat stood in knowing the Mind of God required our species discover a unified theory of the Universe. My prediction? A UFO will show up at Burger King wanting a Whopper with cheese first. It's not going to happen in an expanding universe. Can you measure what you can't keep up with? But neither of these guys were kin to the idea (had to) that a "personal god" exists.

But what does this have to do with my writing? Well, I looked more toward science when I began writing for an explanation of how a source might create a multi-dimensional universe or materialize matter, etc. You know, simple stuff. And I came away just feeling clueless and quite synaptically challenged. So, I thought, I can't write this thing. What I think this script is supposed to be is not gonna happen. Then I asked myself if that was the truth. Which prompted me to ask: What is the opposite?* Uhhhh, Beings. Energy flowing from Source beacons saying we are each our own personal gods. Hmmm...

Where was the middle? And would they meet there if I threw a party? Part of me can't help but slightly giggle at the thought. It seems all the "beings" want to teach about Love, Joy and Awareness and I can see them approached and interrupted by my less "touchy-feely" more "scientifically" inclined guests asking details of, say, a Unified Theory only to get "told" then storm out of the party early not wanting to hear any ridiculousness about an All-That-Is.

Heavens, some people take themselves waaaaaay too seriously.

Anyway, I'm still finding my way through the writing. Now, though, I'm not even certain this is about the script...or if it ever really was supposed to be.

*She's going all the way down the rabbit hole.