S is for...

Sayyyyy Whaaaat?!?

During a recent conversation, I rambled out a thought that left me wide open and vulnerable to the desire of another for an explanation.

You don't believe in Evolution? What? Are you telling me you're a Creationist*?

I felt so exposed. And I realized that I had several choices. One being, nevermind. When that one failed, I went into stuttering a little. Feeling successful in showing up as the babbler of nonsense that they were projecting onto me, I decided to tell them I had to go to the bathroom. Regardless of their thoughts, I wanted to press upon them my evolutionary skills in being potty-trained. 

I go to the bathroom to regroup and set the intention to explain myself with an awareness that might actually allow their expansion of thought. Just a little room of 'what if' that were true...

So, upon returning, I just simply said that I'd like to have a moment to explain my thoughts. Luckily, one of the listeners is a musician so it was easy to offer the analogy of the Universe being a symphony of energy with each aspect of Consciousness having its own unique vibrational signature; its own unique note. It was a little harder to explain that those aspects of Consciousness hold intention. Consciousness comes forth to create and recreate with fervor. We come from primitive (wo)man who had a unique vibrational signature that modern day (wo)man has expanded into just as primitive ape was predecessor to modern ape. Mutations and selections that occurred did so within the intention set by the vibration. It stands to reason that we have modern (wo)man and modern ape coexisting in the Now. The vibrations have resonated in such close proximity that science has created a story (yes, much like the Creationist but with a whole hell of a lot more data) that is nearly impossible to question. 

A paradigm. 

No. I was not drinking. 

And I totally left my alien theories out of it. :) 

*I find it wonderfully ironic that I could call myself a 'creationist' knowing we all perceptually create our realities and that the evolution of my journey has been so closely tied to 'Abe'. Haha...the Universe is being silly...again!