The day my child was dx on the spectrum, I could sense that it was coming and I promised myself I wouldn't go into any dark places. I had been in and walked out of enough to know it was a waste of time. I literally looked around and asked myself what was it he needed. I got grateful fast for clean running water, the roof over our heads, and all other forms of sustenance at my disposal. All he needed now was my love and my focused, creative devotion. That same day a letter came in the mail asking if I would sponsor a child. It was an agency that wouldn't infringe on their culture, religion, etc. but had a desire to reach out to impoverished places all over the world and assist in giving those very things I had expressed appreciation for earlier in the day. I said yes. It was a tithing towards all the "needs" I would not have to question coming into my daily life and towards the creative energy of love and devotion I would promise to produce daily. I chose a little girl in Ecuador. This was a little over 10 years ago. Through the agency, we wrote and exchanged gifts. I don't speak or write Spanish so our words were always translated but I could see her handwriting and, often, her mother's. About two years ago, I received a letter from the agency thanking me for my contributions but that they were no longer needed there and would I be interested in sponsoring another child. I called the agency concerned that the village had pulled out or that there were political issues. The woman at the end of the line said: No, the village is self-sufficient. I wept. I sent one last letter knowing that it probably would not be translated because the agency workers would have moved on to another village in need by the time it arrived. Due to privacy issues, the agency could not give me direct access to her. So, I wept again. I did/do sponsor another little girl in Sri Lanka and another in Ecuador...I think I will always sponsor a little girl in Ecuador in honor of my first sponsored child. There was a part of me that never realized the impact my contributions would have. I never really expected to get a letter saying: We did it!!! But WE did.


That Forgotten Moment

There is that moment of Pure Love.

That moment when individual life,
as lived through the senses,
slips back into the Whole.

That moment when the clock stops ticking.

That moment when Knowing guides
the soul back into the hourglass
of the unending sand that is you and me.

That moment when we are at peace.

If we could be That Love now,
that memory would be free to breathe into
this moment...

...and into the next...then the next...and the next...


I Know You

With our eyes,
we commune.
Windows open,
souls reaching out
to connect
to one another.

In yours,
I see Source
and all that is good
in this world.
Is that what you see
in mine?


So Far

How can it be
that I have walked this path
for so long
without seeing
the beauty around me?

When did it happen
that I gave to each step
a shadowy weight
believing the light
too bright for comfort?

Where in me
have I hidden
that place
to navigate this world
free of fear, full of wonder?