Making Happy Mountains...

...Out Of Misfortunate Molehills.

"Don't freak out when you're in the middle of a 'what is' that causes you distress. Just do your best to tell the story from where you are in an improved state of being until you bring yourself to a place of speaking of trouble as past tense, of trouble as something so rare...as something you almost look fondly upon because it is true when in every case the trouble that you've lived has caused the Beingness that is you."



Without fail, when life begins to feels so wonderful the world serves up contrast to take everything to the next level. Going backwards is never a feel-good option if you've expanded forward. I have. But perhaps mantra-fying a reminder might be in order: You've happily made it this far.

Not only does the thought you are choosing right now attract the next thought and the next . . . and so on—it also provides the basis of your alignment with your Inner Being. As you consistently and deliberately think and speak more of what you do want and less of what you do not want, you will find yourself more often in alignment with the pure, positive essence of your own Source; and under those conditions, your life will be extremely pleasing to you. ~ It's the Law


What's One More Thing?

I Freely Will

Change the burned-out light bulb.

Water the plants.

Take (my) multi-vitamin.

Wash the dishes.

Put new batteries in the (old) TV remote.

Bow down to the Great Mystery.



Tricks n Stones Part 5 of 5

(4) being so knowledgeable that you neglect to be curious:

You've had a Breakthrough!
"At Energy Muse we design our jewelry to help the wearer achieve a desired outcome. Many believe it is Good Luck when jewelry breaks. This can be considered a breakthrough; a releasing of old energy blockages and a signal that your desired goal has been reached."

Well...since they put it that way...

Here's what I knew: Bracelet = Broken; Me = Bummed.

The necklace (above) I recently gave to a dear other Earth sign as a gift. It's my bracelet that decides, right in the middle of doing absolutely nothing, to drop from my wrist. I sense a sudden nakedness but it takes me a few minutes to realize why. As my life is guided by the meaning I give it, I had bestowed each side of the coin with its own symbolism. A sorta yin and yang thang. The Yangs had it...face up and looking at me...like a question mark. So, I got curious about where I am in life and wrapped my thoughts around the real possibility that maybe I have found 'nurturing, stability and prosperity' (admittedly, much in the most strange of ways) and that it was time to move on to another piece of jewelry (and who wouldn't be suckered into that seriously awesome sales pitch?). So, I'm in a place of absolute curiosity as to what intention I should set. There's just so many to choose from! I'm not even going to pretend to know*. And being one to not wear much adornment, I want the piece to be special and one that I can give my own meaning to...in the meantime, I'll curiously take in all the wonderful nurturing, stability and prosperity that I am living right Now!

I might even make a piece of jewelry.

*Actually, pretending to know might be a good way to start...


Internal Day of Peace! Part 4 of 5

(3) tolerating excessive stress because you assume it helps you accomplish more

Wow. My mind read the sentence wrong...it interjected the words "of others" between 'stress' and ' because'.


I'm mastering opening the small and medium gifts
I have to offer -- which you don't realize are gifts until you start unwrapping -- but there is still one or two huge "boxes of stuff" I'm working on when it comes to the finding the thoughtful feeling place of being there (who I really am). It's more difficult because, being human, I accidentally invite in the influential forces that helped me wrapped them and it causes the tape to stick or a label to get added.

This causes stress.

When I begin to stress (or distrust myself) like this, I still (and steal) myself and start reaching for better feelings and better thoughts related to what's going down. Feeling good is my signpost that I'm getting back on track.
I'm in no hurry, which seems to be speeding up the process. And that process is making peace in places I never thought peace could reside which has been a huge desire of mine. Frankly, it gives me hope for the whole world. If I can accomplish this, anyone can.


Whatcha Gonna Voodoo? Part 3 of 5

Hm? Sacrifice?

I'm having trouble with that word because it implies lack. And if there is anything I've learned with this whole process of creating life as you want it to be, to engage in a feeling of lack is to draw it in like a curse. So, I've no sense of sacrifice defining any of my life. I'm practicing reaching for joyful thoughts moment to moment so the attachment to duty is one where I'm charmed by that bigger part of me that is always happy. The most mundane activity can be pleasurable. In other words, the gods will have to go without. I've got nothing to offer up. I'm under the magical spell of knowing that life is unfolding cleverly and as I continue to live in the abundance of my Now, I find that 'duty' is really just another word for 'play'...

BTW, Push Play:


Whatcha Gonna Do About It? Part 2 of 5

(1) Being analytical (an examination of a complex, its elements, and their relations*) to such extremes that you repress your intuition (the power to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference**)

I used to care deeply if someone didn't like me. I cared more about their feelings than my own. It would consume me how I might change or what I might say to convince them how wrong they were in their judgment of me. That is such hard work that one simply cannot be happy.
Since loading up and heading out on this spiritual path I'm on, I find less and less of these types of people in my life. Those that expect me to be or say or do that which makes them feel better and better about me. Life has become easier. But I know if there are any residual instances, I invite them into my world. And there has been a little bit seep in lately. Sadly, it's feminine energy...one of my own kind. I've decided not to analyze it. I've decided not to deconstruct it to the point that it's all sprawled out in front of me and I've no clue how to put it back together. I'm just following my gut that says: Relax and Let It All Go. And in doing so, I am sending love, light and healing to that person who will, I'm certain, have plenty to say to others about me for letting it all go. I know, without doubt, unconditional love requires practice. It is not something that comes easy in a world of expectation and competition. Jealousy and judgment are extremely destructive emotions and I will not get swept into them. Yet, I will allow anyone the freedom to love me conditionally, to engage in destructive emotions and harsh judgments of me because, for whatever reason, it serves their expansion. But that expansion does not have to seep into mine. And, out of mind and into soul, that is the beautiful lesson I have learned.

* & ** Merriam Webster's on the Web


What Dog, Ma? Part 1 of 5

Traditionally, the Seven Deadly Sins -- actions most likely to wound the soul -- are pride, lust, gluttony, anger, envy, sloth, and covetousness.

But we have formulated a fresh set of soul-­harmers, the Four Foolish Virtues. They are as follows: (1) being analytical to such extremes that you repress your intuition; (2) sacrificing your pleasure through a compulsive attachment to duty; (3) tolerating excessive stress because you assume it helps you accomplish more; (4) being so knowledgeable that you neglect to be curious.


Are you victimized by any of these Four Foolish Virtues? If so, what are you going to do about it? ~ Ditchin' Dogma

Hm...(thinking)...(thinking)...(thinking)...(thinking)...uh, to be continued.


I Thought So*

Boy discovers microbe that eats plastic | MNN - Mother Nature Network


Double Hmmmmm!

*It's almost arrogant how much faith I have in human ingenuity. And I make no apologies! I'll just keep to my belief that we create our own realities. This is in the direction I'm creating and these are a few of the things coming my way...ahhhh...and I cannot wait to see what's next (and it reminds me that anything is possible)!


My Hidden Compass

How deeply
I have longed
to wander this path
a witness
the beauty
surrounding me.

to my unfolding,
I gave each step
a trustful stride
the light appeared
so bright
I could feel
its nurturing rays.

And there,
in me,
emerged that place
to navigate this world
free of fear, full of wonder.