Somewhere Over the Rambutan

Mangosteens and rambutans are exotic fruits that grow in faraway places. The mangosteen is creamy and purple, with a peachy citrus taste, while the rambutan is like a big hairy red grape. This is a perfect moment, astrologically speaking, to invite them into your mouth. Likewise, the time is right for you to consider welcoming other colorful, striking, and foreign elements into your life. So maybe consider making friends with a Paraguayan acrobat. Sing Vietnamese folk songs. Read the memoirs of an Iranian exile. Exchange conspiracy theories with an Icelandic fairy. -- Rob

Yes. Though foreign, it's striking me how COLORFUL life is becoming. :)

Day 30

Whatever tickles this fancy of mine?

I was thinking about thinking. Reflecting on how powerful it has been for me to come to an understanding of what I consider belief to be. I've embraced this definition: A belief is just thought you keep thinking over and over again. To alter a thought is to alter a belief. To eliminate a thought is to eliminate a belief. To create a thought is to create a belief.

To believe.

In believing, there comes the glorious (or not so glorious depending on which direction you're headed with your thoughts) birthing wherein this world shows you the evidence of that belief. That happens without fail.

A good example: It will never happen is a belief that might serve many to rethink. I hear it over and over again. I'm guilty. It is a deeply entrenched belief. Still, all that seems required is the practice of a new thought in its place. The Universe will do the rest.

I changed many beliefs this past year. I didn't physically do anything. I just began to purposefully think. I practiced thinking. I altered, eliminated and created new beliefs. And my world began changing. And I just followed where it was leading me. As I write, I am in absolute awe of myself. Ha! And I can honestly say, I've never been in awe of myself before. Not even close.

When I began this blog, I didn't realize it would be a creative space to get to know myself. It's fun to play around with my thinking. My mind is an amusement park where none of the rides are nauseating me nor are they making me dizzy anymore. So, all that's really left is to enjoy what is while practicing new beliefs. I have so many I'm pondering. Some I'm willing to wait in line for and I'm so good with that while others I can just jump on and spin with. And I have a free pass to enter anytime I like...

...free...there's a new belief that keeps me in awe.

I have and, yet, stayed the same.


Day 29

Your year, in great detail:

I'm to recap a year ago April moving forward right into this moment? That's easy --

--I learned to love every moment of every day (to add detail, just continue repeating that sentence over and over again).

Day 30 -- Whatever tickles your fancy


Day 27 & 28

This month, in great detail (But this will really just be a rambling of thought):

April has been Autism Awareness Month and I've become keenly aware of how far I've moved from the core community we once knew that supported my child and me. There is a left-handed compliment (and since I'm left-handed, I'll take it) in someone believing that you can be all things to all those you love. I find it difficult to ask for help. I would rather just do it myself. So, I fed this perception. But life expands and the larger it gets the more help you need. I understand that now. There are few resources here. Very few. But unlike the last small town we lived, where I was an overbearing mother attempting to sabotage the school system, here I am welcomed because they are loving enough to understand they have little to offer. Even with a low population, the number of autistic children is astounding. As I mentioned in the previous blog, a person can separate themselves into two. And, by doing so, slow the process of anything they are hoping to manifest. Part of me wants to stay and create viable options for the children here --I'm starting a parent's support group this summer gathering of forces for an interdisciplinary approach towards change -- but there is the other part of me that wants to gather my children and go to where I know there are existing communities that are thriving and join them. Vacillation is a poor way to live. But I draw myself back into The Moment... remembering that right now I truly have a lovely view. And that answers will come...when I offer up clearer questions.

Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days:

...just to go with the flow and dance a little...

Day 30 -- Whatever tickles your fancy*

*Yikes! K...Day 29 is missing** and, until May 11th has come and gone, I'll continue to blame all my communicative failings on Mercury's illusionistic spin backwards. Tricky little planet.

**FOUND IT: Day 29 -- Your year, in great detail. Yikes!


Day 26

Your week, in great detail:

I'm not going into great detail. I haven't the patience to relive it and I'm not going to ask you too, either. Suffice it to say, all week long, I waited on a date. Not just any date but quite the courtly kind. And my suitor never came. Though I lovingly live in a quaint and royal little village, I have found, like many of its larger counterparts, it has not been spared the burden of an overbooked judicial system. Part of me sends up my appreciation for this extensive time delay which allows continued friendship, healing and transforming of life. However, I'm not sure what the other part of me is doing.* I think she just feels stood up.

Day 27 - This month, in great detail:

*A BACKUP UPDATE: This blog is a very nice example of contradicting vibrations keeping life in limbo. So, I've made a conscious decision to be in 100% appreciation for all that is transpiring. 100%...


Day 24 & Day 25

Whatever tickles your fancy:

Hmmm...Maybe I'll play around with various

AND sizes of FONTS!!!!


I can be oblivious to the point of absurd. I just discovered that I've been blogging in the 'Edit Html' mode only. I didn't realize there were more options if I clicked on 'Compose' which I did...purely by accident...which is my very nature. I am one glorious accident after another. But I am trusting in the master plan that the Source Force is guiding. Thus, I'm continuing on my wonderful blunder-filled path. And how nice that it's getting so colorful!

Your day in great detail:


Day 26 -- Your week in great detail


Day 23

A YouTube Video:

The main event has never been the manifestation; the main event has always been the way you feel moment by moment, because that's what life is. -- Those Crazy People I Love (i.e. Abraham-Hicks)


Day 24 — Whatever tickles your fancy


Day 22

A Website:


1 a : to make known or visible : expose
2 a : to obtain sight or knowledge of for the first time : find

Day 23 — A YouTube video


Day 21

A recipe:

WARNING: Fork very bad idea with this type of skillet...and the rest of the warning should be obvious...

Day 22 — A website


Day 20

A hobby of yours:

I write haiku. It began in the 9th grade. I have no existing poems from that time but I know they dealt with nature and began with theme whereas the poems I write now are just randomly organized thoughts. Here's the gist*:

Step 1
Think about a theme for your haiku and write down some of the words that come to mind on that theme.

Step 2
Organize your thoughts roughly onto three lines. First, set the scene, then expand on that by expressing a feeling, making an observation or recording an action. Keep it simple.

Step 3
Polish your haiku into three lines, the first with five syllables, the second line with seven syllables and the third line with five syllables. It may take some time and substitution of words to make it fit.

This is my favorite haiku...sadly, I did not write it (nice job, Mr. Nelson).

Day 21 — A recipe

* 1-3 came from eHow.


Day 19

A talent of yours:

But I have so many (she laments), including...

...slick oration skills...

...legend-dom at the local lanes...

...mastery of multitasking in the ways and means of life...


...you'll be really amazed...

...I can do this!

Day 20 — A hobby of yours


Day 18

Whatever tickles your fancy:

I KNEW it! Mercury is in retrograde...(April 18th - May 11th)

That is all...as I'm prone to being completely misunderstood in times like these.

Day 19 — A talent of yours


Day 17

An art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.):

Sacred Heart

There is a picture of my grandmother that I would love for Bill to paint. I mentioned it to him in passing. He can be faithfully found at music festivals...as can I. Anyway, I know when it physically appears, the painting will become my favorite piece of art.

Day 18 - Whatever tickles your fancy


Days 15 & 16


Wow. I've never been into fan fiction. Part of me wants them to focus their energy on actually writing something from within themselves but who am I to question another person's passion and, clearly, something 'within' drives them to do it. So, I think I'm about to expand my world by checking some of this stuff out.

And maybe it counts that, when I was in 4th grade (that grade's getting thematic), I wrote Charlie's Angels scripts and we enacted them on the playground. It was fun unless one of my friends was absent due to cough or cold. Now, that was good stuff.

UPDATE: K...this was totally hypocritical of me or, better, hypercritical of me...I WAS writing FANFIC...ha. Who knew?

A song that makes you cry (or nearly):


Day 17 — An art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.)

* These are my 'quick' picks...but there are so many more...


Days 13 & 14

A fictional book (my current read):

Gabriel Garcia Marquez's 100 Years of Solitude*

A non-fictional book (my current read/do):

SARK's Juicy Pens Thirsty Paper

Day 15 — A fanfic

*by Toelke

Random Thought

Do you remember the monster that sometimes lived under your bed when you were a kid? Recently it found its way back to you, and has been spending time in your closet. It's not as frightening as it used to be, and I'm not alarmed by its return. In fact, I think it has an important message for you that would be valuable to discover. I encourage you to invite it out for a conversation. As you might suspect, as soon as it delivers its crazy wisdom, it will leave you in peace. -- Rob

I went over, in great detail, each inch of my old house after my mother and brothers moved away. I had promised to clean it before the bank came. Since she was letting go of so much already, I didn't want my mother to have to do anything but let go long enough to drive away. I left it immaculate. All except, the basement. I could not go down there even though scripts, 45s, costumes, old pictures and all sorts of other proof that we had existed within the walls were hidden there. But, there were also scorpions hiding.

Though I've been frightened of scorpions, I've come to respect what they symbolize --

* Transition
* Death/Resurrection
* Control
* Solitude
* Passion
* Protection

I could ramble on each point as it has manifested personally in my life, in a way that served me, but I think I will just offer up appreciation for having come to the realization that there is much to be gained in facing your fears and forgiving yourself when all you felt you could do was turn away.

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog challenge.


Day 12

What Tickles Your Fancy:

Day 13 — A fictional book


Day 11

A recent picture of you (entitled): Reading & Tweeting

Day 12 — Whatever tickles your fancy


Day 10

A photo of you taken over ten years ago (entitled): And She Hadn't Even Opened the Wine OR In White Space that Light Base is Her Solid Place to Dwell.

Day 11 — A photo of you taken recently


Days 8 & 9

Day 8 - A photo that makes you angry/sad (I hesitate to even post it):

I was in a thrift store with my friend and he insisted I look over at a small vintage television set that was airing an alert from a local news station. It was covering the mass chaos of a bombing that had just happened a few miles from us. My friend would take me home and go on to a triage center the Red Cross had set up to help collect dental records from family members. So many stories of sadness he later shared with me. Though I have my thoughts on what I believe death to be, as a mother, when I see this picture it still gets to me in a deep and personal place.

Aftermath of the Alfred P. Murrah Building Bombing

Day 09 — A photo you took:

Day 10 — A photo of you taken over ten years ago


Day 7

A photo that makes you happy:


This isn't the best picture I've ever taken but it was one of the most joyful. It was around Valentine's Day about three years ago and I was in the mood to shoot. Though the weather/sunlight wasn't very favorable, I went out anyway. I began photographing these horses who lived across the highway from me. They were calm and curious. I was getting some fun shots while quickly realizing we were in tune with each other. At one point, I asked them to kiss. This is the shot. I loved that! Yes. This photo makes me very happy when I look at it.

Day 08 — A photo that makes you angry/sad


Day 6

Whatever tickles your fancy:

Are you an athlete? If so, I suspect that you will soon make an adjustment in your training or technique that will improve your game. Are you an artist, musician, writer, performer, or dancer? I bet you will get a sweet insight about the creative process that could revolutionize your work in the months to come. Are you a pilgrim on a meandering long-distance quest to a promised land whose location you're not exactly sure of? Any minute now, you'll uncover a clue that will dramatically narrow down the possibilities of where the promised land is. -- Rob

This would definitely tickle my fancy! :)

Day 07 — A photo that makes you happy


Day 5


Your favorite quote:

Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children. -- Kahlil Gibran

A funny but lovely thing happened recently, a little girl asked me for my autograph. She was French and was certain I was someone. I didn't understand who I was supposed to be. Thankfully, from the look on her mother's face she understood that I didn't understand yet the little girl was insistent. I speculated that this wise mother and I had something in common: A very special child. So, I humbly bowed. Later, I started to recount the story to someone and immediately wished I hadn't said anything. You gave her your autograph? I dropped the conversation. I almost questioned myself before remembering the smile that her mother and I shared. But this story reminds me of another quote I love:

Do good by stealth, and blush to find it fame. -- Alexander Pope

I'll work on that.

Day 06 — Whatever tickles your fancy


Day 4


Your favorite book:

I have many (but these aren't mine). The Alchemist, to name one, has been so good for me but I was given another book on what seems perfectly between my 41st and my 42nd birthdays. The earlier birthday, I needed a voice and, by the latter, I had found it.

"It's my birthday and I cannot find no cause for celebration...*
was the anthem of both but instead of sulking the second time around, I began to blog (9/4/09).

My 43rd will be self-celebratory. The Universe conspired to string together so many serendipitous happenings that I not only found my voice, I found a song that could easily be sung to the tune of Happy Birthday (to Me). But life required I take an honest look at myself. This book was one of many powerful mirrors...


*Can you name that tune?
I knew you could...

Day 05 — Your favorite quote


Day 3

Your favorite television program: Inside the Actor's Studio

Day 04 — Your favorite book


April: A 30 Day Challenge: Day 1 & 2

...and I'm already late! :)


Day 01 — Your favorite song
: In honor of the 4th Grade (there is actually a tie but I'm allowing my youth to win it :).

Day 02 — Your favorite movie: Of ALL Time.

K...could not NOT add my ALL timeless favorite! WARNING - spoiler:

Tomorrow: Day 03 — Your favorite television program