"Chrysalis" 2011

"Liminality" is a term that refers to the betwixt and between state. It's dawn or dusk, when neither night nor day fully rules. It's the mood that prevails when a transition is imminent or a threshold beckons. During a rite of passage, liminality is the phase when the initiate has left his or her old way of doing things but has not yet been fully accepted or integrated into the new way. Mystical traditions from all over the world recognize this as a shaky but potent situation -- a time and place when uncertainty and ambiguity reign even as exciting possibilities loom. In my estimate, Virgo, you're now ensconced in liminality. ~ oxo
What's that Anais Nin quote? You know, the one about the bud and the blossom...


What Little Girls Are Made Of:

Sugar and spice,
And everything nice,
That's what little girls are made of.


A Little More to the Light, Please

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation." Numerous websites on the Internet allege that Greek philosopher Plato made this statement, which I regard as highly unlikely. But in any case, the thought itself has some merit. And in accordance with your current astrological omens, I will make it your motto for the week. This is an excellent time to learn more about and become closer to the people you care for, and nothing would help you accomplish that better than getting together for intensive interludes of fooling around and messing around and horsing around. ~ Plato to Playdoh

I often observe parents who have not been gifted a child with special needs. As I watch them interacting, many times, the entire miracle of the child is overlooked because the kid was talking too loudly or maybe running instead of walking or, sometimes, narrating the world when they need to focus on, say, eating. No always pretty. Not all parents. I love to also watch the fooling and horsing around that happens between families. It's so delightful. I smile thinking of it. But a child that is happy and healthy (in spite of all the rules and regulations imposed on them) is God in motion.

But God is found everywhere.

Lately, I had been blindly making my way through the maze of adolescent autism. Like any teenager, there's been rebellion. But it's been a bit more intense than your neuro-typical teen. No details. That would be an invasion but I can say that I lost ground. It's the by-product of being overwhelmed. And it happened in increments this judging myself in the choices I was making for him trying to pick and choose my battles. Mainly, diet. He can be rigid and stubborn. But like everything, I'm learning I had to surrender. I kept thinking I was but I wasn't. I was holding fast to a sense of failure. So, the other day, I finally let go. I just asked the Universe to bring back in the playfulness. The Joy. You know, that stuff before it all got so serious. Before it all became so apparent that significant change was happening.

So, out of the blue...

I get a call from Kristy. I know many Kristies so I begin my hellos thinking I'll figure out which one she is by our conversation. I know I could just ask but where's the fun in that? So, Kristy asks, What do you think? I'm thinking, give me a little more than that to work with. Of course, I tell her I'm trying not to. She laughs and, I realize, her voice is not familiar. She tells me she's just checking in because many people have been very happy and she was hoping I'd been happy, too. I was compelled to say, I wish my son was happier. And she asks if the sprays aren't working.


I know who Kristy is. She's from a lab that creates products for holistic detoxing. Right. And I realize she is talking about two product that I purchased that I had barely used. There was a protocol in using them that I was failing to train (for lack of a better word) my son to follow because his diet had become questionable. I had put him back into school part-time, looking for a little reprieve. There ensued issues that came home. I knew that would happen. So, it was me and no fault of the faculty that adores him. However, Kristy was calling to say that I didn't need to follow the protocol and that they've had success detoxing in spite of diet.


Homeschooling now, I've a young woman that I really like helping us. She came aboard before I got the call. It's only been a week but we both see significant changes. Less frustration. Less food resistance. More language. More smiles. More sleep. More curiosity. Most of all, more playfulness.

Basically, more Light.

PS: I love today's (3/12/12) LOA quote & one reason I did not actually name the products as I am still in the process of "manifesting joy" using them but will as I continue to see evidence of alignment with my desire for his happiness:

"Is this pill really an effective pill? Is this process really an effective process?"
Anything that causes you to allow what you desire is the process of coming into alignment. And so, we're not, in any way, validating or invalidating anything.
Many offer their "dog and pony show" as being the one that works. And good for all of them. We applaud anything that assists someone in allowing the Well-being, that they so much want and deserve, to flow.




I swear, this man taught me how to sing, though, there are still notes I can't hit. I adored him. He was my favorite childhood escape. I had every album and lost are all those precious, magical 45s. His posters adorned one entire wall of my bedroom while another was a collage of all sorts of teen heart throbs my sister had collected from Tiger Beat. Of course, she knew without question, all the Andies belonged to me. It's always wonderful to be out somewhere ~ a grocery store, office building, wherever ~ and hear his voice stream over the speakers. Soft, gentle and loving. Just the other day, he sang overhead to me while in the dog food aisle. Even from Heaven, he wants to be my everything.

But he knows what's up. Poor thing.

*She thinks she hears him laughing.*

Hahaha...ppy Birthday, Old Friend.


You Should Be Dancing

In the coming days, you could do a lot to develop a better relationship with darkness. And no, I don't mean that you should do bad things and seek out negativity and be fascinated with evil. When I use that word "darkness," I'm referring to confusing mysteries and your own unconscious patterns and the secrets you hide from yourself. I mean the difficult memories and the parts of the world that seem inhospitable to you and the sweet dreams that have lost their way. See what you can do to understand this stuff better, Virgo. Open yourself to the redemptive teachings it has for you. ~ Open Says A Me.*

I'm not surprised that I drew this little astral blurb to me. During a brief meditations last week, I opened a window asking for a slight breeze in understanding as simply as possible, Who Am I? I didn't mean in the sense of spiritual totality. I meant in the whys and ways of my personality.

I remind myself of what those Ship people preach, "Personality is a soul induced aspect of life to create the opportunities for learning." Beyond personality, of course, we are all of the same consciousness but I wanted to tap into the little me in the Here and Now.

So double thus, not surprising, one of my teens begged for a little 411 about their mama:

Now, many, many moons ago, as the cliche goes, I took this personality assessment in high school. Result: INFP. Then, some moons ago that were not as a go, I took it again, in college. Result: INFP. Then, of course, the other night. My daughter had been learning various testing protocols in her psychology class and I agreed to be her guinea pig (which I much preferred over lab rat) for this assessment. I never really considered the results before. Having no savvy internet skills in college and, literally, having no savvy internet in high school, I just dismissed the whole thing not thinking or caring that the information might have some relevance in my life. Or, perhaps, I was really too busy enjoying how the pencil dots on the paper made random yet consistent patterns.

Of course, the on-line assessment and Google changed all that.

I sense that all things "as-is" are neutral. We apply meaning and the moment we apply meaning we open the pathway to experiencing that meaning. That's the power in perception. But, I know, it's hard to see myself in the dark. Even when the flashes of self-knowing find their way in, I'm still trippin' on shadows. I asked for a broader perception because I wanted to stop trippin'. More light = fancier foot work. As I looked to the weakness of an INFP, each resonated and evoked a sense of calm in me that my thoughts and actions were more innately me than I realized like the color of my eyes or texture of my hair. I delighted in discovering that I was not so far from myself. I could see those weaknesses are just moments between the vibrant glints of the disco ball that is my life. I have, for awhile now, been measuring myself against who I am with whom I think I should be right now pressing this wallflower deeper into the corner. If I've learned nothing, this I know: Any self-negating in the mix indicates the ratio of self-love is skewed. I've been lacking some self-acceptance. Taking myself "as-is" is the neutral baseline for creating new meaning.

So, I'm creating an even more kind and loving self. A very patient self:

"Patience is the process when change gives the courtesy to come into alignment with what you are asking for." ~ Ships of Song

Luckily, I've a very patient personality. But in the meantime...

*BTW, for those just tuning in, I stumbled into an interest in astrology because of a writing deadline wherein I needed multiple in depth character analyses. Waiting until the last minute, my college friend saved my ass with her zodiac book that had "standard" physical and detailed "behavioral" descriptions of various sun signs and WALLA 30 minutes later I had in my hands what would have taken a week (for me) ready to turn in the next morning. Sweet Action. AND the deal was basically sealed when I read that Virgos have procrastervasive tendencies and a tendency to make up words.

What's a girl to do?