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Part 1

When I first heard the phrase Infinite Possibilities, I had just been asked to join a local 'alternative' theatre. A weekly improv group that, every Wednesday night, put up a sci-fi serial. There was no script just a meeting the night before to create what I always deemed a rather radical outline (i.e. Creative Craziness). 

We'd memorize the outline, run through a little blocking, then show up the next night and let whatever was going to happened, happen. It was beautiful. Scary but beautiful. The high-strung Virgo in me loved it. I didn't have to have every word right. I could play off the fresh nuances of the other actors and I was allowed to ebb and flow freely in the moment. None, of which, was indicative of my nature at the time. 

There are infinite possibilities...don't get bogged down with too much thinking. Stay open and present to what's flowing. 

Basically, those were the only notes ever given. Don't think too much. So, for about 60 minutes a week, I gave my brain a break and I let my body channel whom/whatever entities the group could conjure. That took some thought but there was no locking into any expectation. It was all a bunch of silly nonsense anyway that was just a hell of a lot of fun. We were one with whatever was showing up. Even so, there was a very specific moment my mind kept me from playing believably. 

Some people can die. 

You watch. You cry. You bellow, My God, somebody do something.  I really tried hard to be one of those 'some people' but dying is not my forte. In fact, I begged not to die because it was so embarrassing. Granted, the whole serial was 'out there' but for our hardcore attendees, I wanted to give them my best. And I said so. And the director said, Stop perceiving it like that. Close your eyes and forget about it.  So, I stopped and opened myself up to new possibilities. It was then I learned:  You could die (of laughter) watching me die. 

Speaking metaphorically, I closed my eyes and buried what was not working which allowed the Joy of it all to return. When allowed, the Infinite always creates towards the possibility of Joy. You could say I became the Grin Reaper...*

Reality's Infinite Possibilities


Part 2
To Be Continued....