Getting Good with Good

I did something trippingly out-of-character recently: 1) I turned on my television -- which I seldom do other then streaming movies -- 2) I did it significantly earlier than I would have liked to and 3) I made a purchase via salevision. Talk about expanding oneself -- all before 7 a.m..

We'll blame it on sleep deprivation.

But what I bought, though I'll not make this blog into a certifiable commercial, was a coach. A life coach. An iPod portable cheerleader (and I almost bought a skincare line, too, but decided to go back to bed instead).

I chose to due this because I had put out the intention to the Universe to bring people, places and things into my life that would serve my higher good. When I get a hit, that all over body sensation that takes me out of myself briefly, I have learned to pay attention. I've learned to look around me and to zone into the signs that are "about" me. So my ears are now engaging in more encouraging thoughts than usual. Some might call it brainwashing but I do have a few toxic thoughts floating in between my aforementioned ears that I think could use a good scrub down. You know, clear a little room to continue to store what I have said, if not eloquently certainly redundantly, in previous blogs:

Yes. You create your reality. Yes. Perception creates the boundaries of that reality. Yes. Thought is the powerful energy that shifts those boundaries. And, of course the standard 'truth', there is only Now wherein to work your magic. *

I remind myself daily. But once in awhile, the rabbit in my magicians hat disappears and chaos ensues. I'm a Falling Alice. Times like those I don't wanna think for myself. Yes, I get lazy. I want someone else doing it for me. I want a break for tea....with a little honey. More truthfully, skip the tea I just want the honey...straight to the eardrum. Boom. Boom. Boom.


Being human, we have all, at some time or another, become journeymen to the thoughts of others. Thoughts that did not serve us and so we became servants to them. I always know because I sense a loss of freedom. There is one easy way to shift it all. Thought. And there is nothing more freeing than a thought that serves your greater good. Pour me a cup of that. I'm still learning to allow myself to drink them all in...with the hopes of spillage.

Pushes play: Go, Andi, Go!!!

I was once told that the Universe/God is always communicating with us. "They" (just two random women in a bookstore) asked me if I was listening. At that time, I nodded, not wanting to look foolish when really I had no idea what they were talking about. But I wanted to know. That was the first step. I joke that God is my own private Waldo whom I'm constantly searching for. Ah, the irony of finally finding that all of life shows up in that red and white candy-striped sweater.

Anyway, I'm engaging in more trippingly out-of-characterness. I'm excited. More of that later as it unfolds. For now, send me your good thoughts.

Ships of Song



Just as the sun knows when to rise, the flower to bloom, or the tides to fall, your soul knows the clockwork of creation and all is well in your world.
~ Ships of Song


A:11 is We:11

A wish came true today.

So, I'll take this moment to thank the Big Fat Universe swirling outside my window for giving me a little love, love in the form of help. More than two month ago, I went down to the unemployment office. I was looking to boss someone around. I've been trying to hire on my own for sometime. No luck. I had one person that we adored but she was college bound* thus as temporary as they come. Raising a child with autism is a full-time job. Homeschooling him is overtime. Writing is my release while laundry brings me little peace. For every word I've written, there is a equal but opposite piece of clothing that needs sorted, washed, dried, folded or put away. I could be wrong. Maybe it's two-to-one. Will the words ever catch up?

Anyway, when the woman in charge of the agency called me to tell me someone was interested, I felt a surge of Yes-ness. Why? Well, before I walked into the agency on the first day, I told myself that the person who was right for the job would be the first person to apply. I had tried so unsuccessfully that I finally just handed it over. I let it go and got out of the way...of course, she appeared.

Seriously, employment applications are beautiful things. One can immediately know more about a person than they probably care for anyone to know. That's right, I charted her birthday. We're astrologically matched for a work relationship. I doubt I will ever mention that to her but it was an affirmation for me. Knowing that it's all made up but present in mind, the Law kicks in to bring more and more evidence to continue the "truth" of that reality...so...I'm creating her as perfect for the job!

She has small children. I once did. How nice it would have been to have had employment that embraced me bringing them to work. She'll have an invitation to do this. It's not altruistic. It's completely selfish as there is nothing like the chatter of small children filling the open air of any room. I'm excited. I've never engaged in the possibility of a permanent domestic side-kick before. It's time.

It's 11:11 on 1.11.11 to be exact.

* Revision:
There was another temporary person , The Amazing World Traveler. How could I forget? Easy. She isn't like any temporary person, she is like family. Ha!


I Am...

...To Be just fine.

When the volume
of expectation
from another
to a pitch sharper
than any previous
still yourself.
is not an option.


Chalk It Up To Love

Set to travel to one of my favorite places, I actually made an effort to avoid packing at the last minute, to have many for-granted-taking details attended to AND to get a decent night's sleep only to be told, upon arriving at the terminal, the airports in NYC had been closed due to a pretty fancy blizzard blowing over this beloved city at that very moment. I was bummed OUT and would have remained so had I not been given an offer to fly into New Jersey. I immediately cheered up because I thought life can't get any worse than getting stuck in Newark. So I declined and went shopping.

I'm being too hard on Newark. I've been there only once to attend a two-week training session in Applied Behavioral Analysis. Basically, I lived in a hotel for 14 days with three other women. Though hot plates were not allowed they were present in the room...as was Top Romen. In fairness to Newark and to the money I put out for the coursework, behaviorally, it might be said that I'm associating my distaste for Newark with my actual distaste for Top Romen. As long as it's not literal, I'll buy that.

Anyway, I had an epiphany in the airport! I ramble, I preach, I write, I even sleep a belief in the Law of Attraction. But if complete understanding is a solid sphere, I am a hollow satellite orbiting it. Not completely hollow because with each rotation, I fill up a little more and a little more hoping, one day, to get so dense I fall from the sky and make a massive crater with my understanding. I added weight that day in the airport when I heard my thought interrupting the agent who was telling me the news. That thought was, I knew this would happen.

I didn't judge myself but I realized it was a default thought. A thought I have not mastered releasing. It is a thought I have cultivated from my very early on. Yes, the evidence is overwhelming. It was apart of me when I tried to vainly put a stamp on the bill that I had to mail before I left. It danced with me when I looked all over the house for my other black boot. It was humming to me right before I'd doze off, wake up and doze off again. It was just slipping in here and there. I don't know how others handle an epiphany but I silently laugh at myself. I got it and I hugged the flight agent because I could tell she felt the need to mother me a little. It felt good. She sent me off with an Everything's going to be fine, Sweetheart, you didn't wanna get stuck in snow any-which-way.

Of course, I didn't cause a blizzard in NYC. My sister flew in the day before without grief. I could have, too. Yet, I wanted to be home with my children a day more...and there was a part of me that didn't want to be away from them at all.


Best Get Started

Let My Best Quest 2011 Begin:

1. Focus on me & my connection with my Higher Self while allowing the cleverness of the Universe to bring into my life the people, places & things that serve my higher good & the good of those I love. This #1 goal is the foundation for all of the following resolutions.

2. Help my son master communication on the iPad (Those just dropping in, he is moderately to severely autistic in terms of how others would like him to behave. I desire, like I believe he does, to communicate more effectively & I dare say we maybe thanking Steve Jobs at some point this year ;).

3. Continue to facilitate my children's understanding of the powerful creators they are while nurturing their physical needs & making space for their creations to manifest.

4. Carve out more quality time with my friends & family & continue to work within the community on endeavors like recycling, arts for the youth & city beautification (We're not exactly the most attractive town but perhaps one of the most loving, imho).

5. Fall back in love with photography. I have been a neglectful lover. I would like to focus more artistically than I have in the past. I'll also give Getty permission to circulate my photography. Not sure how it all works but something in me is saying, Just Do It (and now I have the urge to hit a few tennis balls...possible photo-op :).

6. Finish at least two scripts this year. Screenplays. In the last 24 hours, I have made tremendous headway on one & I have a house in disarray to prove it. I write because I love the act of something from nothing. So, the biggest goal is to keep the love flowing throughout the process & see where it lands me.

7. I have yet to use my Masters of Arts degree. I began my resume some months ago & contemplated teaching. Then I contemplated not. I've waited to try that on & used my time to homeschool. Recently, I've been asked to direct community theater. That might be a fit. My goal is to stay open.

8. In one blog, I mention that music was deeply buried in my past. Recently, it's been resurrected. I have so much love for those who took an interest. It gave me confidence to contact someone locally who is collaborating with me on more music. The final outcome should be a digital EP...maybe two. These are songs I would love to hear other artists sing.

9. I *heart* my girlfriends who are all in a hip-hop class together. They want me to join. Having a history of choreography (self-taught being my middle name), I would LOVE to but they also want me to perform...in front of people...on stage. Ha...this will truly be one of the most difficult resolutions to execute if I become a YES. My goal, again, is to stay open.

10. I plan to be the best partner EVER in running my business. Literally & figuratively. My life is my business & my business is my livelihood. It deserves me at my best. Having said this, I also want to define myself apart from that co-creation. Not in a need for greed but for self-actualization (It's true when you connect with yourself on a deep level all that's worldly takes on less significance. But I also know that all is spiritual first before it physically shows up. There is so much I have created that has been evidence to support this. Wealth is no different).

(20)11. I'll continue to trust in a clever Universe while embracing the knowledge that I am part of the creative intelligence sourcing that Universe. And I'll remind myself daily -- All Is So Very Well In My World.