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 Guymon, Oklahoma 2010

*not really. it's just gonna be me writing. again.


How many days in April?

Weekend / I spent with April / she amazed me / with her beauty / and her brain.

No world beyond the window / no star nor moon / just frail light falling / on hands reaching out / into an artificial world.

The Hour comes to all of us / some by the hand / some by the heart / but always into the arms / of the Beloved.

Inhaling figments / exhaling fancies / so then believing / like breathing / became second nature.

Bless your trials /and tribulations / for in the end / there is only /celebration.

Upon the bridge / between winter's winds / and summer's showers / the song lay dormant / in healing hands.

Self Awareness: / The realization / you *are* / a force / to be reckoned with.

Had she had faith / none of this would have happened / including / the happening of / discovering her faith.

So late / so early / caught in time / soon suspended / in dreams.

Warm fibers of friendship / woven laughter / creates a blanket of memories / shielding them against / the cold winds of goodbye.

What a clever sponge / to soak up the Sun / then wring its rays / over a gloomy day / again.

It came easily / the bridge / now / the hard part / crossing it.

A Gogyohka Gift:  All From Twitter 2010-2012


I haven't really wanted to EVER be specific about my life. One, ambiguity is good for the gossipy brain cells keeping you wondering about details and forming your own delicious synaptic projections of your thoughts onto me. Two, my life is not that exciting. Three, you're welcome. 


First Drafted: 2012