U is for...


Dear Universe, 

If I've never believed before, I do now.  Life is a miracle and the most magical part of the miracle is that I Am. I am Here. That subtle fact allows me to take on whatever is moving towards me because it's an honor to be alive. I know I don't have to tell U any of my story along the timeline as U were there, always, in the creation and most assuredly in the design. But I want to thank U for that beautiful moment today when I found the small silver charm of Mother Mary. I wasn't sure where my story was headed or if I was stuck in the timeline being so lost in the plot. But Mother Mary Comes To Me, Speaking Words of Wisdom; Let It Be. It was a simple prayer and, suddenly, upon its offering everything fell together. Peacefully. 

Stay close to me as I relocate for awhile near my grandbaby. I have brave daughters who love deeply and fiercely. Who can take on change like it's the latest fashion while maintaining good taste for what suits each of them. I ask, for them, that U make the transition one of ease and even delight. Make known to them the newness of what is awaiting. Allow it all to mirror their strength and ferocity. 

As U know, I have found a community that I believe will serve my son well.  I ask for guidance and wisdom in all that is involved in creating a quality future for him. I surrender any and all concerns to U. 

And I'm going to be very selfish though, at the heart of me, I want their will to be done but I am asking humbly for my grandbaby's papa to get accepted into the school he's applied to near that community.  To migrate with all of my children would be the greatest gift short of the Unconditional Love that I feel fed to me daily.


"Whenever you are confronted with an opponent, conquer him with love."  ~ Gandhi

Remind me often, I am my only opponent.

I love U,


T is for...

Tell A Different Story

"Tell Her About the Dream...Believe."

That was all my younger self had written to my future self before sealing the envelope.  Opening it jarred a memory I had long filed away under impossible. It feels like my future self is asking me to remember, now, because She knows of the contrast that's appearing and the tumultuous nature of the force behind it. I make up that She wants it to guide me:

I'm am swimming, no, no, frolicking in a pool of still, clear blue water. My body is strong but light. There is no question that I am completely free. Fluid. The water is saturated with an indescribable peace. There is a low hum that I can hear but it feels, literally feels, like it is resonating from my frolicking. After some time passes, I am joined by another whom I sense knows everything about me and their presence emanates absolute and unconditional love. It feels like my entire world is bathing in it. 

Then I wake up. This dream seems so far from my reality at that time that it leaves me sad thinking of it even now. After the last few days, my future self has it in mind, I'm convinced, to remind me how far I've come and where She'd like to lead me. In other words:

Return to Sender: Address What's Sown. 

There is no way to do that without telling a better feeling story. So the dream transforms into one of affirmation. I surrender and affirm the Highest Good. 

And 'sow' it is.