SHIFT: Tell A Different Story*

Live your questions now, and perhaps even without knowing it, you will live along some distant day** into your answers. ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

RE-VISION: I love those moments when I need to hear something and it is heard or need to see something and I'm made aware: *Tell a Better Story & manifest **some instant day.

Love to you. You know who you are? You are Love.

Fact: I've been to double digit Chicago concerts...I <3 the 80's.


No Laughing Matter or Yes Laughing Matters...

...you decide.

In an article about storytellers in the Los Angeles Times, Leslie Berger profiled a high school teacher named Luigi Jannuzzi. "He once saved the life of a student who was choking on a Life Saver," Berger wrote, "and thus discovered his own gift of gab: He told the kid a joke so funny that his laughter popped the candy out of his throat." ~ Can You Say Heimlich?

Make up a story in which your sense of humor saves someone's life.The following is an excerpt from a previous blog:

Part 1 (of 3):

I have tasted death and it has the light flavor of grilled salmon with a nice brown sugar marinade. ~ Me

"The other night, I almost laughed to death while at dinner with my sister and a friend. One second I'm doubling over in hysteria and the next I'm doubling over for the Heimlich. Short of being found dead in my bed after a wild session of love-making at the young age of 120, I'm not sure many other footnotes would be so enjoyed when read in my obituary. The column would state: She died laughing. But that publication will have to wait. I fully intend on being cremated with my ashes spread over some wonderful place yet to be seen by these eyes of mine. Not to mention my truest intention is a life's journey leading to that saucy alternate ending. I'm certain it would make the news sans photos, I hope. Wow, that's just kinda sick otherwise. My great-great grandchildren will never live it down and, secretly, they won't want to."

"Oh, that granny...!
" ~ My Lineage

Not exactly what he's asking for but harrowing enough for a second read-through! The complete blog can be read here.

But how exciting for me that My Lineage is on the cusp of passage, as in, enroute!

I AM so going to be the best Oh, that granny their little diaper bottomed worlds have ever seen. Granted, by arrival time that is a rather limited world unless born with Buddha tendencies. Of course, they are my grandchildren. Ha! Actually, I'm jumping ahead. There is only one...for now. But this was an inevitable manifestation as I've been buying baby clothing nearing two years. And, I confess, for a girl. K. So, it's a girl. ~ NO EXPECTATIONS ~ but you read it here first. Of course, my oldest married-in-may-who-just-graduated-college-with-honors-daughter is barely out of her first trimester so no one is certain. Except me. ~ NO EXPECTATIONS ~ I have to keep reminding myself. It's all good, if it's a boy he'll just be dressed a little funny. Btw, like how I threw in my Babydoll's resume. That gives me some clout towards child-rearing. Actually, the only thing I've ever said to any of the girls is a very simple: Marry your best friend. This daughter set a nice precedent for the others. Anyway, although she has been sicker than a dog, a very cute dog, she is happy and excited for her stomach to expand to give some evidence to the rest of the world that she is, in fact, with child. She has no idea what she's in for...Unspeakable Joy.

Kinda chokes me up.


and *giggles*



"To me, existing in silence, as a number of autistics do, isn’t any different than the person of high religious standing who takes a deliberate vow of silence—why would it be? So there’s a double standard in who and what we value: people who meditate, pray, practice yoga want to reach the same spiritual plateau that some autistics attain naturally by living in silence, focusing on a repetitive movement or a perseverative vocalization (a mantra), and perceiving all things seen and unseen. And there is scientific research to support this, as I write in Autism and the God Connection." ~ William Stillman


What will our children do in the morning?
Will they wake with their hearts wanting to play, the way wings should?
Will they have dreamed the needed flights and gathered
the strength from the planets that all men and women need to balance
the wonderful charms of the earth so that her power and beauty
does not make us forget our own?
I know all about the ways of the heart - how it wants to be alive.
Love so needs to love that it will endure almost anything, even abuse,
just to flicker for a moment. But the sky's mouth is kind,
its song will never hurt you, for I sing those words.
What will our children do in the morning
if they do not see us fly?

~ Rumi ~

"Chaos always creates and always creates consciously. Chaos unfettered by the negative ego consciousness always has a positive outcome for all involved." ~ S.Of.S.



"Poetry is the kind of thing you have to see from the corner of your eye," said the poet William Stafford. "If you look straight at it you can't see it, but if you look a little to one side it is there." As I contemplate your life in the immediate future, Virgo, I'm convinced that his definition of poetry will be useful for you to apply to just about everything. In fact, I think it's an apt description of all the important phenomena you'll need to know about. Better start practicing your sideways vision. ~ Tiresias

A Silly Poem*

The Silly Pirate / skirred back 'round

encircling / all the loss he'd found.
Gathering up / in his worn treasure box
the bits of gold / that had been their thoughts.

Some will blame / the reckless ways he lived.

Certainly question / the reckless things he said
while / a not-so-fair maiden / in her darkness sits
blaming herself / for the things she hid.

Unwittingly / a liar / she had made of him.

Confusing his honesty / for a phantom's hymn.
Hallucinations / invocations / drifting out to sea.
Communication / complications / drowning in the deep.

She offered no shore / he offered mutiny in-kind.
She anchored her heart / knowing a Tempest's mind.

And watched him depart / sailing half mast

while bearing the ensnaring / of her tangled past.

But Silly Pirate / you've skirred back 'round
encircling / all the loss we'd found.
Gathering up / in your worn treasure box
these bits of gold / that had been our thoughts.

*Confession: I wrote a great deal of poetry in October that I never posted. I think I need more practice.


Signs of My Time

© Marylou Falstreau 2012

"My life was mapped out for me, when I was a child, by parents who thought they knew me. My strengths and weaknesses were tallied up and a course was set, insuring my protection. I was taught to stay within imaginary lines and believe in common sense - the kind that sucks the life out of things and makes you feel safe and secure, in a scary kind of way.

But flowers don't thrive in these conditions and even though I didn't know it at the time, I was a flower waiting to bloom.

Since then I have learned that insurance policies have loopholes and that being safe doesn't make you secure.

I've learned that faith is more than "lip service" and that hearts can be broken more than once, and survive.

I've learned that dreams "torment" for a reason and that love is an energy that heals.

I've learned that Life does wait, as you figure things out and that maps can be re-written as needed.

I've learned that "signposts" created by others are a tool.... but no one says you have to follow them, if you don't want to."


Late Bloomer

You don't have to justify the good that flows to you; it is a given. You are of more value in the joy of your cross-stitching than in the struggle of your ironing. ~ LOA

I think this is now my favorite LOA quote. I had an epiphany when I read it. Particularly, after my last post regarding the Higher Mind conceiving, the brain receiving and my mere human mind perceiving. Suddenly, it was all very simple to me. I am a child. I have a Parent that loves and adores me that has given "birth" to me. Me, It's grand idea. It's eyes, ears, hands, heart and voice. That Parent will never abandon me. That was a huge leap having in the closets of my finite mind the memories of such a thing. That I'll not go without. Again, even that, required clearing closets. That with this Loving Parent, I ask and I receive. That I am supported and encouraged. I just have to pay attention and understand a couple of rules (laws). Why? It makes the job of My Parent in helping me create the life I desire so much more easy. For me to have a life of effortlessness and ease, it serves me to offer up to My Source myself with as much effortlessness and ease as I am able to create moment to moment. I am not here to fix anything. There is nothing broken. Only agreements. And degrees of contrast. Some contrast so heavily mixed with the human emotions of suffering that the lives become unquestionably dark. But in the understanding that what is real is our "state of being" in any given circumstance and that the circumstance itself is the ever changing illusion, we can learn to call forth our joyful light and cast it and, even more importantly, inspire the light in another and, thus, open them to the ease of letting in the life they dream of. And what child doesn't dream? I love being around children. There is not an untainted child that cannot cast a light full of joy. And there is not a tainted child that cannot be reminded of how to relight their joy. And when we are joy, moment to moment, magic happens. And what child doesn't love magic?

"We of the universe beseech you to be the light that shines in darkness of your world; for, you are the eyes, ears, hands, heart, and the voice of God* in the physical plane of existence.
" ~ Ships of Song

*Or any other word you wanna use.


Effortlessness & Ease

Greek philosopher Plato suggested that we may become more receptive to spiritual beauty by putting ourselves in the presence of physical beauty. The stimulation we get when inspired by what looks good may help train us to recognize sublime truths. I'm not so sure about that. In my experience, people often get so entranced by their emotional and bodily responses to attractive sights and sounds that they neglect to search for higher, subtler sources of splendor. But I do believe you may be an exception to this tendency in the coming months. That's why I'm giving you the go-ahead -- indeed, the mandate -- to surround yourself with physical beauty. ~ Her Higher Mind


Surprise Celebrations

I LOVE the phone call I just finished. My beautiful girlfriend will be celebrating her birthday on Sunday. It was very brief conversation. A quick hello. Time and date. Insistence that I will be there and a little excited laughter promising her husband that I would not say a word to her.

I'll do my best. Ha...


Detour of Force

Salvation: Liberation from ignorance or illusion also preservation from destruction or failure. ~ Merriam Webster

"Some possible signs of sub-clinical seizure activity include:

exhibiting behavior problems,
such as aggression,
and severe tantrumming;
making little or no academic gains after doing well during childhood and pre-teen years;
and/or losing some behavioral and/or cognitive gains.
Personally, I have known a few autistic individuals who were considered high-functioning prior to puberty. During puberty, they experienced seizures which were not treated. By their late teens, they were considered, however, as low functioning." ~ Stephen M. Edelson, PhD

"Love of mine someday you will die*
But I'll be close behind.
I'll follow you into the dark..."
I love this song. If I had written, I would have exchanged 'die' for 'rise' inferring salvation against the already ironic exchange between 'Catholic school' and 'Roman rule'. That's just me being Me. Doesn't really matter, I have full intention of living deep into the years to be near my child into the deep of his knowing, by then, he and I will "have seen everything to see."
*rise as in resurrection