While In Love

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul. Judy Garland

Take this physical life,
move it forward.
Be open to learning
where you and I meet
in the you and the her awaiting.
Take this material wealth,
expand it in tithing.
Be open to becoming more of
what you and I were
in the you that will meet
this Unknown Love.

Let her whisper in your ear.
Let her kiss your lips.

With Unconditional Love,
come into full knowing that
the life we struggled
to manifest together
would lead us here.
This place of parting paths,
each paved with possibilities
of forgiveness and friendship.

Without question, know,
as you walk your path
and I walk mine,
my heart heard you
as passionately
as my soul felt
your gentle lips.


Least Common Denominator

Eleven years
spent loving
the rules of
social convention
eleven years
spent struggling
the lines of
marital expectation
using a simple
after painful



Finding Life Becoming...

I've become a good friend to myself.


Sometimes words take on their own life. To me, this word resonates of stillness and movement. To be. To come. As if I've been standing in the same place while walking towards it. I am full circle though the ride has taken over two and a half decades filled with the contrasting emotions of joy and sadness, courage and fear. The landscape of all that I have lived merges forward and in my stillness I allow, with most deliberate thought, a small change in my stance guiding new movement in a slightly different direction. Someday, my feet will have marked another circle full of all that I have chosen to walk through. However it unfolds, instead of a surprised appearance at my back, I'll have arms extended waiting to embrace the next slight turn in direction.


Tenfold: #3

I can't sleep. And it's so very late...early...both? This takes me back to the time, so long ago, when my son couldn't sleep either. It was one of the earliest symptoms. The exhausting difficulty of containing his hyperactive bouts of nocturnal robustness. I wonder how many days were strung together the longest? I never counted but there were stints where I never got more than one or two hours of rest at night. My memory is failing me in specifics right now and I thank it for that. One can feel very alone in the dark but it was in those late night marathons that I would research. And the curse became its own blessing. As he began to sleep, I had this encouraging sensation of having power over this thing that kept inducing a sense of powerlessness in me. Maybe I was just getting some rapid eye movement. I just know something in me was healing, too. And there is nothing I need more right now than a dose of healing. So, I should probably attempt to get a little R.E.M. and Level 4. Goodnight...good morning...both?


The End

Once upon a time
long ago and far away,
there lived a girl
who walked outside
into the sunlight
and wished to know
everything about the world.

Then upon another time,
soon thereafter,
long ago and far away,
there lived a boy
who walked outside
into the moonlight
and wished to know
everything about the heavens.

As the sun fell and the moon rose,
the girl and the boy chose to dance
knowing the dance was never meant to last
because the steps were too complicated
and the distance of the dreams between them
too wide.