a. to restore to harmony
b. to settle, to resolve
c. to make consistent or congruous
d. to cause to submit to or accept something unpleasant

Those old habits don't have to be erased, they just become replaced by a new habit that is more in vibrational harmony with who you are and what you want.
--- Law of Attraction

What do I want? That is the meditation. As in anything that is asked, I am listening for the answers because, I have learned, they do come. I exchanged my old habits of doubt and fear with new ones. Love and Trust have been wonderful friends to me lately. I know that Source is my provider. I know Source is my strength. I never understood my Catholic grandmother's conviction towards the Virgin until now. All that was deemed good and pure, to Julia, was represented in Mary's arms. She was Source creating Source. I don't know that my grandma would agree but through her and then her son, I came into the world. With my new found confidence, I'm thinking that's not too shabby a thing to pull off. In this moment, I'm seeking balance. A reconciliation with Me and me in the most loving and respectful ways possible. I know it must be done without submission to something unpleasant. But Love and Trust are the kind of friends that would never demand that of me...Me...ever.