Day 30

Whatever tickles this fancy of mine?

I was thinking about thinking. Reflecting on how powerful it has been for me to come to an understanding of what I consider belief to be. I've embraced this definition: A belief is just thought you keep thinking over and over again. To alter a thought is to alter a belief. To eliminate a thought is to eliminate a belief. To create a thought is to create a belief.

To believe.

In believing, there comes the glorious (or not so glorious depending on which direction you're headed with your thoughts) birthing wherein this world shows you the evidence of that belief. That happens without fail.

A good example: It will never happen is a belief that might serve many to rethink. I hear it over and over again. I'm guilty. It is a deeply entrenched belief. Still, all that seems required is the practice of a new thought in its place. The Universe will do the rest.

I changed many beliefs this past year. I didn't physically do anything. I just began to purposefully think. I practiced thinking. I altered, eliminated and created new beliefs. And my world began changing. And I just followed where it was leading me. As I write, I am in absolute awe of myself. Ha! And I can honestly say, I've never been in awe of myself before. Not even close.

When I began this blog, I didn't realize it would be a creative space to get to know myself. It's fun to play around with my thinking. My mind is an amusement park where none of the rides are nauseating me nor are they making me dizzy anymore. So, all that's really left is to enjoy what is while practicing new beliefs. I have so many I'm pondering. Some I'm willing to wait in line for and I'm so good with that while others I can just jump on and spin with. And I have a free pass to enter anytime I like...

...free...there's a new belief that keeps me in awe.

I have and, yet, stayed the same.