B is for Bunny

...and Beautiful and Brother and (a very funny) Bushwalla.*

I think the essence of a person is the soul's calling card. It's the magical, invisible umbilical cord that nurtures the expansion of a soul from lifetime to lifetime pulsating out a vibe of Who-They-Really-Be.

I like observing and playing a game of Match-Up. We all come from the same place but there are those that have similar essences...at least, that's what I pretend to be true. When I discovered this guy's, I had a melancholy feel for home. He reminded me of my estranged middle brother. Strangely, the more I listened to his music the more I thought of my brother. I thought of how funny he was growing up. I thought about the insane things he would say and do. I thought about the towel he'd wear as a cape becoming Superman and jumping off things he was told not to. I thought about my brother's music and pondered how sad it is that talent gets lost in a sea of everyday survival. I thought so much about him that he manifested back into my life in a real way. In a way that even included his music.

Anyway, I think it's beautiful to B one with your essence.

*The Hip-Hoptimistic (totally cribbed from the guy that was "Next Up")