Go in peace and joy even in the midst of evil. It is a misperception that spirituality does not look evil in the eye. Not to resist it or attack it but to be in dominion of one's own being in the midst of it. To resist the reality of evil one would need to believe they are powerless from it. Embrace your light, acknowledge it, and know that you are in complete dominion over darkness by turning on the light. Go forward in life not as the injured child but as the creator that you are. ~ Ships of Song

Night Potion

Last weekend, I had a really wonderful time reconnecting with some of my old high school girlfriends. Personally, I think they get more beautiful with age. But they also get more set in their ways. One friend's husband wanted to know with whom she was meeting.

Him: You mean the "hippie" one?

Her: No, she's a free spirit.

Me: I'm so completely misunderstood! Ha... (I think to myself after being told this.)

I've only met her "hubby" at a class reunion and then only briefly. But both are extremely conservative and firm believers in Hell and The Devil which is technically one word: Thedevil. At least, around these parts. I've been warned conversations with them are often dominated by these two themes. I don't know much about him but I know my friend was a hell-raiser in high school and I understand some of what she might be attempting to balance if there were such places and powers.

True to what I've heard, our conversation did turn to these two themes. And, not surprising, the questions were directed at me being the one practicing little fear of such things.

How can you not believe?

Yikes. What to say?

Well, I believe in Love. I believe God is Love. I believe all things are of Love. And that Love is all there is. But I have seen people turn their backs to Love. They can refuse to acknowledge or ever come to know the power of it. The soul knows Love. It seems when someone turns their back to its light, the soul, being so far from what it intuitively knows, has difficulty navigating the darkness. Maybe it's in that space of separation from Love that we find
Hell and those Delivering evil. Some people stay lost but there are others who, for whatever reason, turn back towards this light and in so doing, heal, forgive, make restitution and expand their own willingness to be what their soul wants to Be, Love.

I rambled more then stumbled over a most obvious example: How many people find Jesus, an icon of Love, in prison? My friend could buy that. There are other examples but this one she could wrap her heart and head around. The idea that there is only Love and the turning from it and the freewill of returning to it.

But, honestly, I've no idea what she told her husband when she got home! And I could be completely wrong about all of this. But she did ask. And I felt compelled to answer...honestly.