Manifesting Me

*Just* wanting to be happy is the best of all intentional requests, imho.

An Intentional Thought = Prayer
Meditation* on the Prayer = Connection
Faith in the Connection (Letting Go) = Manifestation

That's the imperfect formula I use for driving all the beautiful coincidences of my life.

The critical key for me to remember: Be thoughtful in my thinking.

And man, when something manifests -- be it a person, place or thing -- that is some serious happiness. The heads up, the 'yoo-hoo', the Hi-5 that fuels me.

I wrote this "equation" quite awhile ago to a friend. I was actually needing it more than they were at the time, I think. Looking back, I can see it has been the path to and the premise of this blog.

Today I'm posting my 100th entry (according to my dashboard) and I have a delightful sense that life has come full-circle. In this last rotation, something got added to my formula: The desire to act or inspired action. Life lined-up so much and paved such a clear direction towards autonomy that all I had to do was walk into it. It was a very personal path. Much was selfishly about me and needed to be. I'm surprised I blogged one word about it. I came out of my quiet place into this space. Because I feel connected, this next rotation is clearly expanding me outward towards others. Maybe it's my immediate family whom I've always been loyal and loving to but now desire to support in their own power to create or my local community which feels, to me, in the throes of some stagnant chaos needing dynamic change or some larger arena that may well be here in cyberspace...I don't really know. I need to set intentions. And I will. And if it's true that we can Be, Do, or Have Anything...I'll just start setting a slew of intentions! That feels right. Which, of course, means that just makes me happy. Whoop!

*I had originally written Mediation having failed to check in with spell check. I didn't catch that until now. It's funny. It's actually the right word. It basically means intervention. In this case, it's Divine.