There can be miracles of healing the body; there can be miracles of healing the soul and the emotions. Remember, there are no victims, only Consciousness, God expressing. You do create opportunities by bringing to resolution that which has not been in accordance with your desires. You can only be in conflict with that which is in conflict with yourself. You no longer have the liberty or freedom to go about your days without being aware and conscious that you create your reality. ~ Ship of Songs

I am bringing into resolution that which has not been in accordance with my desires.

The most difficult thing about raising a child with a disability hasn't been the disability but the inability to be supported in a way that nurtures me in the process of nurturing him. Wanting the outside acknowledgment that diet does matter, that assuming intelligence is imperative, that there is nothing wrong only incredibly different from what was expected would have blessed some of the more difficult moments. Over the last 5 years, I have not been living in accordance with my desires but more flailing in default. I've learned even the people who claim to love us the most define the world from their own perspective and I can no more make someone see the way I see than I can force my son to speak. If they are not in accordance, they are not in accordance and I guess, per these "laws" I've clung to, they cannot stay in proximity without an invitation. It's my chosen desire to see my child as a brilliant piece of art. Something I cannot explain and that others will come to with their own interpretations. All I can think to do, to move beyond what difficult realities there are in this moment, is to tell a different story. A very joyful one.

Once upon a rooftop...