Thinking Cap

You are creators, and you are vibrational beings. You are more about electronics; you are more about electricity;

you are more about vibration than you are about the physical stuff that you think you are about. This physical stuff that you think you are about is all vibrational.
--- 8-Track Player Forever with the help of... *

Sometimes you just have to cap your thinking. Particularly, when you have about eight tracks of thought going on at one time. That's where I find myself...entirely lost in the cross circuitry extending backwards and forwards through the influences and demands of others. I write to focus. And the focus is All Is Well. And my beginning list of gratitude and appreciation looks a little like this: I am grateful for...

1. ...the covenant with Source which brought me here.
2. ...the ever wonderful dance I'm engaged in with my children.
3. ...the constant unfolding of friendship.
4. ...the vast contrast of Life that aids my expansion.
5. ...the amazing evidence stating I am creating my life.
6. ...the loving moments in complete randomness.
7. ...the unseen mechanisms that runs my physical machinery.
8. ...the Divine in all of the above.

*...well, not exactly.