Getting Good with Good

I did something trippingly out-of-character recently: 1) I turned on my television -- which I seldom do other then streaming movies -- 2) I did it significantly earlier than I would have liked to and 3) I made a purchase via salevision. Talk about expanding oneself -- all before 7 a.m..

We'll blame it on sleep deprivation.

But what I bought, though I'll not make this blog into a certifiable commercial, was a coach. A life coach. An iPod portable cheerleader (and I almost bought a skincare line, too, but decided to go back to bed instead).

I chose to due this because I had put out the intention to the Universe to bring people, places and things into my life that would serve my higher good. When I get a hit, that all over body sensation that takes me out of myself briefly, I have learned to pay attention. I've learned to look around me and to zone into the signs that are "about" me. So my ears are now engaging in more encouraging thoughts than usual. Some might call it brainwashing but I do have a few toxic thoughts floating in between my aforementioned ears that I think could use a good scrub down. You know, clear a little room to continue to store what I have said, if not eloquently certainly redundantly, in previous blogs:

Yes. You create your reality. Yes. Perception creates the boundaries of that reality. Yes. Thought is the powerful energy that shifts those boundaries. And, of course the standard 'truth', there is only Now wherein to work your magic. *

I remind myself daily. But once in awhile, the rabbit in my magicians hat disappears and chaos ensues. I'm a Falling Alice. Times like those I don't wanna think for myself. Yes, I get lazy. I want someone else doing it for me. I want a break for tea....with a little honey. More truthfully, skip the tea I just want the honey...straight to the eardrum. Boom. Boom. Boom.


Being human, we have all, at some time or another, become journeymen to the thoughts of others. Thoughts that did not serve us and so we became servants to them. I always know because I sense a loss of freedom. There is one easy way to shift it all. Thought. And there is nothing more freeing than a thought that serves your greater good. Pour me a cup of that. I'm still learning to allow myself to drink them all in...with the hopes of spillage.

Pushes play: Go, Andi, Go!!!

I was once told that the Universe/God is always communicating with us. "They" (just two random women in a bookstore) asked me if I was listening. At that time, I nodded, not wanting to look foolish when really I had no idea what they were talking about. But I wanted to know. That was the first step. I joke that God is my own private Waldo whom I'm constantly searching for. Ah, the irony of finally finding that all of life shows up in that red and white candy-striped sweater.

Anyway, I'm engaging in more trippingly out-of-characterness. I'm excited. More of that later as it unfolds. For now, send me your good thoughts.

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