Be the Journey

Everything you do is for the purpose of the joy that it is giving you. And so, when you don't see something through, it means that it stopped producing the joy that you were hoping to receive. Of course, it is always better if you have anticipated something and you've stayed lined up with it. If you're lined up with it, then it's joy when you're thinking about it even before you start, and it's joyful as you start, and it's intoxicating as you're going, and it's fulfilling as you do it, and it's satisfying as you finish it and you're in alignment the whole way on that.
--- Abraham

While I was educating myself at Evergreen back in the mid-90's, Be Love was a phrase given to me by a beloved instructor. She lived it. She was the quintessential optimist. When I graduated, I moved away and it fell away from my vocabulary only to reemerged upon seeing a t-shirt, of all things, a couple of years ago. The other day the phrase, Be the Journey, re-entered my life. Somewhere in my timeline with her, she also offered me those words as a gift during one of our quite talks. She knew me very well. I tried to understand and live her words but they fell forgotten, lost to the notion that my life was chaos and I was not in control of any of it. Now, her words are back in a wonderful coalescing for me. A trip that is both healing and empowering. I have learned to truly listen to the essence of words when they are offered to me. They have become my ride...

Love IS the fuel, she would say. You, in and of yourself, are the highest octane.

It's crazy how many times, in the past, I've run on empty. It is insane how many times I thought this energy had to be pulled from some source outside of me and found myself stuck on the side of some proverbial road of self-pity. Seriously, how awesome is it to be alive...to travel each mile marker of Now. To look around and watch the sign posts indicating manifestation after manifestation. Each a replication indicating how good one is getting at steering. I have been such a poor driver. Some are naturals. I am often in awe. For me, it has taken time to learn to surrender to this road of creation. One that, when trusted, leaves reality behind with each new destination. Now, in my life, when things seem off course, there is just the simple act to Be Love in that moment, to look around and embrace the feeling, the experience, the awareness and surrender that reality with gratitude so that I am able to Be the Journey* again. How do I know? I am inspired. I feel joy. Joy is my compass.

*Did someone say, Extra cheese??? *Giggle*
P.S. I will not apologize for such childishness. :)