Bless Us With Their Essence

Keep remembering: there is not only
one prize. And so, say to yourself
things such as, "You appeal to me in all of
these ways, and I am going to draw the
essence of you to me. I will use my visualization
of you to align my Energy, and
then I will trust that Law of Attraction
will bring me an exact replica of (the
essence of) that which I believe you are."

~ Abraham

My two middle daughters aren't very keen on this quote and for obvious reasons: They are each "in love" with a particular boy. I want my girls in happy relationships. So, I thought it wise that I introduce this concept sooner than later. I probably should have rethought that because, for awhile, they weren't speaking to me. They didn't like the idea that they could be 'making' someone up that wasn't the someone they were actually looking at. But it's a powerful thing to visualize anyone and watch the Powers-That-Be attract them into your world. Yes. Sometimes, as I am learning, "they" are the particular people who end up morphing into what resonates from you and sometimes new people step in to help it all make sense. This isn't just about romantic relationships, it's about the spectrum of love that flows between people. I'm thinking of this now because of having written about my best friend. Of course, I cannot have her back in flesh and blood but what if I were to call forth her essence. I've not met anyone who reminds me of her. I value all my friendships. They are each unique and important to me but there has been no one like her in my life, yet.

I'm blessed by another soul-sister who had a aunt that she adored. In ways, I remind my friend of her. I'm not sure there is any greater compliment than to be told, You are the essence of someone I dearly love making it completely impossible not to love you. It's humbling. I sincerely believe the love she has for her aunt was the force that invited me to enter her life. It's a testament to the interconnectedness of the Grand Intelligent Force and It's ability to weave all things perfectly together.

"Through each exposure to interacting with others,
you launch continuous rockets of desires of what
you prefer. And only when you are a Vibrational
Match to the culmination of those desires will
you allow your rendezvous with someone who
matches those intentions that you have gathered
along your physical trail."

So, I've decided that I would love to have the essence of my old BFF in my life again. Very recently, there has been a dynamic shift in life plans...intentions coming into fruition...that over the next couple of years will guide life in a whole new direction. I'm living and loving in the moment creating a life void of expectation but wrapped in hopeful anticipation.

I cannot wait to introduce you to my friend.

You're going to love her essence. Trust me.