Day 09: Correct Change...

aka...Five things I want to see change.

Consider the possibility that the people who seem to slow us down and hold us back are actually preventing things from happening too fast. Imagine that the evolution of your life or our culture is like a pregnancy: It needs to reach its full term. Just as a child isn't ready to be born after five months of gestation, the New Earth we're creating has to ripen in its own time. The recalcitrant reactionaries who resist the inevitable birth are simply making sure that the far-seeing revolutionaries don't conjure the future too suddenly. They serve the greater good.
~ That Dear Astrology Guy

What a great word:
Recalcitrant. Stubborn. Resistant. Having a fair share of attitude.

The first thing I'd change is the changes into wishes because that sounds more magical and less toiling especially in the light of such words as recalcitrant.

#1. I wish the world a softening of judgment. Both outward and inward.
#2. I wish the world a gentle awakening where perception meets compassion. Intuitive understanding of one another.
#3. I wish the world steady healing where healing is needed and cultivating where cultivating is possible.
#4. I wish the world might recognize that we are the sensory extension of Source. The tangible embodiment of Love whose deepest purpose is to elevate that sensation. That knowing.