Day 2: Something That Inspires You


Enjoy. Celebrate. Light your lamp from the coals of consciousness deep within your being; become fully the expressive light that you are. ~ Ships of Song

"...an unconscious burst of..."

Let Your Life Be Your Art

Most of us are unconscious in our creating surprised by these bursts that make the endeavor of living more enjoyable. I've been inspired over the last few years, particularly this last year, to consciously stay conscious of Consciousness.* One of the most freeing concepts, when co-creating with my Soul, is the awareness that my perceptions are impenetrable. People will try to influence me but ultimately I am the one who grants them permission to fracture or full-out break the illusion. My deepest desire is to create a delightful life where everyone and everything is enjoying being a part of my "reality"...is enjoying manifesting within my story and, frankly, have no inkling of desire to burst out of it. Ha! Those thoughts are deeply inspired by an expression breathed upon from within.

*Forgive me, that sentence was just too tempting not to write.