Day 23: Idiot At Etiquette

aka Most awkward first impression you feel you’ve ever given.

I dated this one boy most of high school. I had put on a little weight my sophomore year (ok, maybe alot) and, coincidentally, he thought we should take a break. So, we did. Amazingly, I had a wonderful friend who always seemed to pick up on my feelings and thought I should come over and eat dinner with his family. I was hesitant because I had never met them before. I was also hesitant because of my weight and the fact that I have to mentally tell myself to savor food. I can eat faster than anyone I know. It comes from my mind thinking I should be doing something else. So, I show up and they are lovely to me. I think he told them I had had my heart broken because it seemed to me that food was their healing agent as the table was a plethora of yumminess. I felt better just looking at it. Particularly, because his mother had arranged a beautiful table setting. I told myself that I wouldn't over eat. My focus was to predominately be salad. And as I served it onto my plate, I became the focus. Everyone had stopped serving themselves and started staring at me. His sister was astonished, You're putting it on the wrong plate. I didn't know what to say. I don't know that I said anything. I know that I felt the heat of a blush overcome me. I know that I felt very conspicuous. But I also know where my friend gathered his ability to pick up on feelings because one by one, beginning with his dad, they began to put their salads on the "wrong" plate.

I'll never forget that.

It's so easy, even within the smallest gestures, to nurture someone. Looking back, I can see the Universe, even then, attempting to draw in examples of what a family could look like. And, not only that, I became exceptionally proficient with a salad plate.