Day 28: Who You Really Are

What is your definition of happiness?

It's a state of being...a very well chosen state of being.

A moment you remember being completely happy in and a description of why you believe you were.

I sense I'll fail in acknowledging the number of moments that have gifted me happiness. I've never had to question My Universe's abundance when it comes to this. There are so many, in fact, that when I'm not in that very well chosen state of being, I can reflect back on those moments and easily enter into happiness. How blessed am I? I Am. For now, allow me to use this blog as a nice opportunity to share a bit of my blissful Abraham-Hicks experience because, frankly, they're kinda fierce in the happiness department.

K. So...

As The Generous Universe would have it, I was able to catch a gig within close proximity to me on my birthday. Since it was a short, one day, morning seminar, I knew my underage children who could not attended would relish the idea of sleeping in late and ordering room service from the rather fine hotel that was hosting the event. Upon heading out, my early bird and I even spoke of it:

I'm so excited!
Room Service. I'm gonna be like that kid in Home Alone.
I don't think so!

Man, why'd I say anything?
Go back to sleep, Darlin'.

Apprehensive, I left her mulling over the menu.

...I enter the event and immediately hit it off with a woman named Kat. Not surprised. Our conversation unfolds naturally and I find myself drinking a Birthday Mocha Latte. She tells me of all the events and cruises she has taken in. I realize that among the many around me, I'm a serious newbie. Between a few books, a couple of DVDs and their flashcards that I love, YouTube is really my source of information. Noting, of course, that they do periodically offer a cruise to New Zealand that I might consider breaking the piggy bank to join. Anyway...
...I love events where everyone has willingly chosen to be there. It's one reason concerts, plays and movies hold such great energy. Everyone's vibe is similarly resonating. Energy is focused. It certainly was that day. It was a happy event. I was delighted to be there but had no intention of raising my hand. I knew that the questions that I came with would be answered. There was a question about raising a "difficult" child, another about "emotional control" and a wonderful reflective question of, How much of You are you allowing to manifest? The premise of the day was, basically, asking everyone to embrace and become solid in our knowledge of Well-Being.

The subject of healing made its way into the morning. She basically said, Faith is the emotion of the Vortex* and one should always be positioning themselves there before acting. It aligns with knowing without having some manifestational evidence first. If there was a mantra that she would ascribe to one of the greatest healers she would remind us that Jesus NEVER freaked out. To heal is to create hope in another. It is to make peace with where you are knowing that as you make happiness (joy, bliss, euphoria and any other unnameable for this similar emotion) the TRUE manifestation you are desiring from moment to moment, all other desires have to reveal themselves...healing, obviously, being one of them. Because we cannot change a negative into a positive, the focus must always shift away from the undesirable to the desired, again, with an emphasis of feeling your way forward knowing All Is Well.
Needless to say, that made me happy.

P.S. Somewhere within the session Room Service popped into mind. I threw out a dollar amount willing it to manifest and was happy to find myself up $35 bucks. It was all so very well for the time being...then I took them shopping. Man, can they manifest. Ha...

* Vibrational Reality: