Fish Kiss

So this is what goes down when I'm not blogging! Ha...

I love Love.

Any way, shape or form that it appears in life, always fills me with an (maybe the supreme) emotion which has yet to be written, still locked in an uncreated word that I wish I could conjure towards a better explanation. The zeal comes from a moment in my life when I was told, You can't love everything. I tried to argue that I, in fact, could. Not having much self-love, I lost the argument. Oh, the irony! I questioned myself and in doing tried very hard to stop loving many things and to love only what was, from then on, judged lovable by an external force. That was not that person's fault. I chose to change thinking this was a part of creating happiness. But hording love diminishes it. Judging it, destroys it.

What a beautiful lesson to learn.

I am so thankful to that person and, in the very deepest part of me, I wish them a life full of love.