I forgot...

...the how of so many wonderful things about her.

How grandma loved to dance.
How beautifully soft her skin was.
How perfect fingernails.
How perfect her smile.

How brave she was.
How scared.
How quiet she could be.
How thoughtfilled.

How funny.
How short she was.
How she loved McDonald's coffee.
How she loved God.

How she could read me.
How she would make me feel like her only grandchild.
How she did that with all the grandchildren.
How she sang while she cooked.

How she loved soft bananas.
How delicious her banana bread was.
How she charmed squirrels.
How she grew perfect squash.

How perfectly round her tortillas were.
How delicious her tortillas were.
How she only bought pints of milk.
How she loved living alone.

Full of life and love is
how I will remember her.
How, even now,
I am in awe of her.