Who's There?

At daybreak,
Love comes to visit.

Soothing sunbeams on glass.

Pulling back the shade,
tossing up the window,
my breath deeply motions
It in.

Deliciously warm,
It accepts my invitation.

First, by graciously filling my thoughts
then quickly flooding my body
while flowing from me into the room
now completely filled with Its presence.

"Good Morning." Loves says to me.

"Good Morning." I say.

"You should sleep more."

"I know." I say snuggling with delight in a nearby chair.

"They write a great deal about Me."

"So I've read."
I say tapping a stack of books.

"They even classify Me."

I nod relaxing into the warmth of with each word.

"Agape, philia, storge...that's all Me."

I chuckle.
Love is teasing me.
So, I wait for the punchline.

"Oh, yes, eros! Had to get you here somehow. No?"

I laugh a yes and Love slips in closer.

""They" are wonderful nonetheless.
They're just trying to understand Me."

"I know."
I say as Love embraces me into All-That-It-Is.

"Can you tell Me what you feel right now?"

I search my thoughts, my heart and the whole of the room
to describe the power of the moment.
I seek to offer some
tangible phrase explaining the awareness of faith and hope in me
as Me and me as the whole of the space I'm dwelling as far as I am
able to comprehend.
It is taking time. As always, Love is patient.
And in Its kindness, waits and waits. Finally, I offer nothing.

"I know no words."
I whisper.

Love smiles.

And it is then, I understand Who I Am.