Meanwhile, Back On Earth...

Once upon a time, this house was full of the cluttered sounds of television. Today, it is more of a cacophony of musical madness. As the children ready for school, the first thing that happens is a full blasting of their favorite tunes. As I move from door to door, it sometimes feels like I'm changing radio stations. I don't judge their tastes in music save for a few 'explicit' lyrics heard coming from the older girls' rooms in regards to their youngest sister's ears who (the baby of the Babydolls) quickly "reassures" me, I hear alot worse at school.


But music is comforting. It's Soul Sustenance. If you want to hurt someone put down their tastes in music. Tell them how you think what connects them to that place deep within or what helps them disconnect from the outside is inferior to what you think they should listen to. Try it and see if a fight doesn't ensue or, if they're wise, a fleeing. I'll take this moment to apologize for ever having done it; judged another's connection or escape.

Next to devouring the sound of someone's music, I love when another attempts a cover. It's a favorite thing to seek out. Imitation is truly the sincerest form of flattery. It's like saying, I love that so much that I need it to flow through me. I know it's why singing in the shower is so prevalent. Of course, that's a little more difficult to blog.