Half A Page Per Day

Mr. Writer Mike.* I loved that guy. I met him in a screenwriting chat group. He brought a great deal of wisdom to the group. To me, certainly. He was a grandpa figure who had not done too shabby in the screenwriting business. He credited his wife. She always gave him the space he needed to do his thing. I think some people just "get" each other. It's effortless. Writing can be a very selfish act. He wanted me to be very, very selfish. He was steadfast support. He'd be very proud to know that I'm on my second draft though, I admit, this letter is half-a-decade old. Should I be ashamed? It is what it is; I am what I am.**

Procrastination At Its Finest:

*We've lost contact but I'm hopeful I'll find him again.
**K. That totally sounds like a lame excuse...