Detour of Force

Salvation: Liberation from ignorance or illusion also preservation from destruction or failure. ~ Merriam Webster

"Some possible signs of sub-clinical seizure activity include:

exhibiting behavior problems,
such as aggression,


and severe tantrumming;

making little or no academic gains after doing well during childhood and pre-teen years;

and/or losing some behavioral and/or cognitive gains.

Personally, I have known a few autistic individuals who were considered high-functioning prior to puberty. During puberty, they experienced seizures which were not treated. By their late teens, they were considered, however, as low functioning." ~ Stephen M. Edelson, PhD

"Love of mine someday you will die*
But I'll be close behind.
I'll follow you into the dark..."

I love this song. If I had written, I would have exchanged 'die' for 'rise' inferring salvation against the already ironic exchange between 'Catholic school' and 'Roman rule'. That's just me being Me. Doesn't really matter, I have full intention of living deep into the years to be near my child into the deep of his knowing, by then, he and I will "have seen everything to see."

*rise as in resurrection