No Laughing Matter or Yes Laughing Matters...

...you decide.

In an article about storytellers in the Los Angeles Times, Leslie Berger profiled a high school teacher named Luigi Jannuzzi. "He once saved the life of a student who was choking on a Life Saver," Berger wrote, "and thus discovered his own gift of gab: He told the kid a joke so funny that his laughter popped the candy out of his throat." ~
Can You Say Heimlich?

Make up a story in which your sense of humor saves someone's life.

The following is an excerpt from a previous blog:

Part 1 (of 3):

I have tasted death and it has the light flavor of grilled salmon with a nice brown sugar marinade. ~ Me

"The other night, I almost laughed to death while at dinner with my sister and a friend. One second I'm doubling over in hysteria and the next I'm doubling over for the Heimlich. Short of being found dead in my bed after a wild session of love-making at the young age of 120, I'm not sure many other footnotes would be so enjoyed when read in my obituary. The column would state: She died laughing. But that publication will have to wait. I fully intend on being cremated with my ashes spread over some wonderful place yet to be seen by these eyes of mine. Not to mention my truest intention is a life's journey leading to that saucy alternate ending. I'm certain it would make the news sans photos, I hope. Wow, that's just kinda sick otherwise. My great-great grandchildren will never live it down and, secretly, they won't want to."

"Oh, that granny...!
" ~ My Lineage

Not exactly what he's asking for but harrowing enough for a second read-through! The complete blog can be read here.

But how exciting for me that My Lineage is on the cusp of passage, as in, enroute!

I AM so going to be the best Oh, that granny their little diaper bottomed worlds have ever seen. Granted, by arrival time that is a rather limited world unless born with Buddha tendencies. Of course, they are my grandchildren. Ha! Actually, I'm jumping ahead. There is only one...for now. But this was an inevitable manifestation as I've been buying baby clothing nearing two years. And, I confess, for a girl. K. So, it's a girl. ~ NO EXPECTATIONS ~ but you read it here first. Of course, my oldest married-in-may-who-just-graduated-college-with-honors-daughter is barely out of her first trimester so no one is certain. Except me. ~ NO EXPECTATIONS ~ I have to keep reminding myself. It's all good, if it's a boy he'll just be dressed a little funny. Btw, like how I threw in my Babydoll's resume. That gives me some clout towards child-rearing. Actually, the only thing I've ever said to any of the girls is a very simple: Marry your best friend. This daughter set a nice precedent for the others. Anyway, although she has been sicker than a dog, a very cute dog, she is happy and excited for her stomach to expand to give some evidence to the rest of the world that she is, in fact, with child. She has no idea what she's in for...Unspeakable Joy.

Kinda chokes me up.


and *giggles*