Alice finds her way to Wonderland by falling down a rabbit hole. Dorothy rides to Oz on a tornado. In C. S. Lewis's The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Lucy stumbles into the magical land of Narnia via a portal in the back of a large clothes cabinet.

In the sequels to all these adventures, however, the heroines must find different ways to access their exotic dreamlands. Alice slips through a mirror next time. Dorothy uses a Magic Belt. Lucy leaps into a painting of a schooner that becomes real.

Take heed of these precedents. The next time a threshold opens into an alternative reality you've enjoyed in the past, it may not resemble the doorways you've used before. ~ Easy Brezny

I was just thinking the other day how I've really come to trust the synchronicites in my life now. It's pure energy being reflected from the Universe in symbols that allow me to follow my path with more confidence. Signposts. In the stories above, though nothing is truly accidental, those young girls "stumble" across their new worlds the first time around. There's much to be said in being oblivious one minute and then completely aware the next. You can never ever go back to oblivious again. And when you fall back into the "real" world, getting back to the alternate reality is hindered a little by being so very aware. I used to think I was prone to accidents, now I realize, I was just prone to not paying very good attention. Now, not to pay attention to synchronicity is a full blown dismissing of the Divine.

So where is this Wonderland? How close have I drifted on this storm that's subsiding? And what should I wear!?!

Obviously, having been there before, I know.

Stay tuned for the sequel.