E is for...


"Remember thought comes first, then the emotion. Do not try to change your emotions. Just wake up and think joyful thoughts." ~ Ships of Song

This is not as easy as it seems. But it is a worthy practice. And it aids in many a morning when the best sleep I allowed for is a string of catnaps over the period of 4 or 5 hours. I say allow because the nocturnal nature of my child is no more out of my control than any other creation...but I know him. And I know he creates, too.  I know he is keenly aware of many more sights, sounds and movements than I am that occur in the daylight hours that both distract and cause him discomfort. I know that night has a stillness and a quietness that comforts him. But again, we have something new happening and I can see him moving through the sights and sounds of daytime more easily now. 

Yessss. I feel a full 8 hours of sleep on my near horizon. Until then, I'll continue to awaken to warm and fuzzy thoughts. 

P.S. One is never too old to own a teddy bear.