P is for...


In a dark moment when I needed it most, two beautiful poems flooded like light into my world. 

One was from the Sufi mystic, Rumi. 

The other was... 

Bribing the Fireflies*

I festooned the entrance of my life with ornaments of the warmest colors to lure you in. I slanted my front walk downward to pull you closer quicker. I paid off the crickets and fireflies to sing and dance in my courtyard.

The afternoon sun squeezed out the softest light on my face when we first met. The curvature of the earth warped for a moment to make me appear taller. The wind blew its sweetest spices of mint and musk your way when we spoke.
See, the universe just so happens to be my partner-in-crime. And I did a heavy favor for the gods in my last lifetime, which means I had a wish coming to me in this one.
No, I didn’t wish for you.
I asked the night’s sky for happiness.
And that’s about when you knocked on my front porch.
And that’s about when the moon fell from the sky and landed in both of our eyes.

I was reminded that I was Light and that I had the power to ask for happiness. 

So, I became more Light and I began to ask.

*Ed Pilolla