Allow Me...

...to explain: About three years ago, I picked up The Secret and I read it and I put it down and I thought, Hmmmmm? I'm not going to say that I didn't like it, it's just, as I read, I felt a tugging, literally, to put it down which, like I said, I did. Wow, that sentence had like seven commas. Anyway, something about it was resonating in me emotional discord. I tend to dissect under the duress of discord because I don't enjoy feeling that way. So, I went to my "trusty" computer -- not this one but the one that recently crashed on me making it my "rusty" computer -- and began to look up the author and the people referenced in the book. I enjoy the movie What the Bleep Do We Know? and have seen John Edward do his thang in the hollowed halls of a Radisson* so I'm down with weird. Give me weird...metaphysically speaking...and I'll send you a Thank You card. Which, I still owe Wikipedia because it was there in a tiny footnote I saw the name of Esther Hicks. Now, anyone you give value to has the potential to sell something. She is...uh, they are. The little I've bought would probably add up to a couple of sessions of psychiatric therapy, though, I don't know the going rates these days so I could be way off. I do know I've spent more on iTunes in the past week. So please, for now, put aside any thoughts that money is their modus operandi and liken it to anyone with a special talent who might actually be driven by their passion which in turn creates cha-ching. Okay, so where am I going with this? Why ramble? It's not from a strong sense to justify nor from a need to really be understood, I just want to share my perspective of why I love these "laws", that I post so often, that are at the foundation of creating, IMHO. The the simple equations at the heart of attracting, allowing and manifesting. Since I was little, I've gone looking for God. In the early days, it was like Where's Waldo? It was fun. Many children have the ability to feel the joy of the Divine in everything around them, I think, until they are pull away from themselves. It happens in so many ways. I think the idea of Hell does not help. It's an on going joke that I've been baptized in various churches. Theoretically, I can say anything in this blog and get away with it. It seemed a sanely rational thing to do if I was to increase my odds of never going to that place. If you have a problem, fix it. I had a problem with individual doctrines telling me contradicting truths. I finally just gave it all up after a bad case of swimmer's ear. Hell with it (pun intended)! Luckily, I retained my audio facilities which aided me in listening to myself more closely. And I was doing pretty well there for awhile. Naturally manifesting. Then I began to yield to lives other than my own. I began to manifest by default too overwhelmed, too tired, too lost to offer up deliberate thought. There is no way of getting around creating. I am so getting that. We do it every moment. There is no way of not being a part of the larger Source living and moving through us. The driving force for me is the dynamic nature of the thoughts being offered up by Abraham's dialogues. I steer clear from using the words "teachings" or "education" which I consider synonymous for doctrine. Thoughts are dynamic energy and ever changing and expanding, as clearly as we are, if we allow. I had not been purposefully asking and certainly not allowing for my greater good for so long. Anyway, I've not joined a club. I'm not part of a cult. I am in my home, alone, meditating on how I want my life to unfold. Reaching for good feeling thoughts like a child reaches for a mother ready to respond. Embracing Unconditional Love, I am seeing the fruits of my deliberate asking through thought. I am seeing the manifestation of my willingness to allow life to be what it is around me while seeking to be Waldo's joyful playmate again. Life IS good. It's Gummi-Bear good.

*Some people might not know!