Getting High On Haiku

They stood in the sand
he drew a very deep line
she drew pretty hearts.

Letting Go:
She had lost her thought
in the rhythm of the music
but found both her feet.

All Along:
Silent, infinite
wisdom will guide him towards her
in dreams, through visions.

We weep with your pain
collecting tears and pennies
offerings from the heart.

On Writing:
With the swoosh of pen
her blood turns from red to black
blank page, now, a mirror.

His Reflection:
Of all that he'd seen
twisting, turning out of life
she was most vivid.

She decided to sit
write something so very clever
now, what would that be?

A Poem:
Tapping on the keys
fingers dancing right along
to her joyful thoughts.

Defined as demands
she desired so little
but to be inspired.

She stirs quietly
giving thoughts to new thinking
brewing in her head.

Hope Arrives:
Leaves of dark thoughts scatter
against the warm tempest winds
stirred by her faith.

Throughout the night air
the bells tolled of the hour
she refused to hear.

Peaceful Offering:
In this coldest snow
icicle adorned branches
bowed their warm hellos.

She is practicing
simple words, simple meanings
in a complex world.

A Confession:
My haiku structure
random at the very best
we'll not speak of least.

That Old Us:
Where in time is it
the forgotten memories
of our blissful youth?

She & He:
Just spinning along
tripping through the Universe
their two worlds collide.

Open Books:
She could read their souls
through the very words they used
and knew they were pure.