Exercising My Rites

I miss my Yoga and my Nia groups. Being with others who are seeking peace and balance with their ultimate dance partner -- Source Energy/God in and around them -- is a spiritual high. Here, that energy is confined to pews. With love and concern, many are motivated to extend to me invitations to sit down in what I consider rather uncomfortable seating. I decline citing I wiggle too much.

Anyway, without hesitation, I know there is not one single yoga class with in 100 miles. People don't believe me when I say I'm lost in the middle of Nowhere. And people don't believe me when I say I found myself here. I'd be a full blown paradox if I didn't love traveling so much. I'm modestly self-taught in a few areas because 1) it's fun to discover what you can do 2) early on, I was too broke to pay for any instruction 3) I bore easily and must stimulate my brain...often...and, I know, if I would focus better I could probably drop the 'modestly' part.

Recently, like a lighting bolt, a very strong thought dived out of an unknown synaptic place in me. I didn't hear voices just felt the loud thunderous quiver that followed. The thought: Transmute your procreative energy into a higher vibration. Huh? Oh! Wait...The 6th Tibetan Rite. Now, I'm not even professing to do 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 well...but I am focusing...and these days, I tend to follow my own weather patterns which are forecasting a good outcome. Researching it, I've been warned of it's power -- this saucy 6th sacrament. I took the warning as good news coming straight from the Anchorman in the Sky. Why do it if it's not going to empower you?

Here's to Higher Love.