No. That is not a typo. And no, I've not signed on to any one of the astronomical array of similar sites ending in .com but I have been privy by way of invitation. A couple of girlfriends asked me to write their bios. I can be a very creative writer upon request.

The exposure reinforced my desire to finish a play I've started. A comedy diving into the waters of the alpha-male vs the beta-male and the women who love them or hate them or are indifferent to them. It also delves into the women they prefer and the ways and means to get their attention. Did I mention it was a comedy?

After perusing a variety of pictures and reading the best 400 characters these lonely characters could come up with, I have to write a happy ending in honor of the effort they've made (or that of their creative writer friends). Anyway, while "researching" I got an overwhelming urge to write "John" to hook him up with "Tina" because they were clearly running on the same circuitry. "Tina", btw, is not one of my friends. She was one of hundreds of woman profiled. It's like a hardcore game of Memory. And, with vague remnants of Desmond Morris floating in my brain, I felt, more often, like I was drowning in an underwater zoo with a few sharks swimming around.

As I helped my friends, particularly this last one, pitch themselves to total strangers, it became clear to me that I had to keep this to a 60 second commercial. Seriously, how many "clicks" does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll (or a) Tootsie Pop? If you're asking this sucker, the world may never know.

K...admit it, that was a little funny...a little?

If that's not random, try this on: Then I got to thinking about the Ego and how it gets a bad rap of being, well, egotistical or egocentric. I keep my definition simple and to the point: It is the paradoxical 'eye/i'. The 'eye' seeing itself within the context of the world around it -- material vision that has the ability to change perspective -- and, yet, maintains the 'i' that is the constant extension of Source/Big Fat "I". Why would these random thoughts even matter? It was interesting how my friends saw themselves. How the "eye" of one was so different from the "eye" of another but that the "i" in both of them wanted the same thing: Love.

And I'll be damned before I impede upon that so the 'eye's have it.