Penny Lover

If I find a penny 'heads up', I'll take it home with me. If not, I turn it to Abraham and leave it there for someone else to find. I have been gathering pennies for sometime now. Only since discovering this path I'm on have I decided to leave a few behind in this way. I have a friend who is concerned that when They Who Make Pennies begin to call my copper covered coins home to the land where 8-track players and the Pinto dwell, that I'll be at a loss. I tend to think it will be even more magical to find them. Even in their abundance, I find them in the strangest places. A couple of creative findings were this handmade wooden bowl and a pair of flip-flops with the penny embedded in the sole of the shoe. One cent was found glued under a chair with some Bubblicious. Abe was staring at me. I had to take it. Sometimes I'll find them when I'm focusing on something that might not be serving me. They are my real Heads Up! I've learned to turn my thoughts on a penny saving 9 cents on the dime. Can you see why I love them? Do you see why I don't walk on by?