I'm Thinking*

So, I'm supposed to be updating my resume. No. Updating is too strong a word. I'm in the middle of embellishing. No. Wait. Not embellish, that sounds like I'm lying. I'm in the midst of acknowledging that I have NO idea what to put on this blank screen. Well, not this one but the one that's minimized. I feel minimized. I am a Full-Time Mom. Is it not the most honorable job on the planet? The most noble of callings disguised as labor? And, I won't be the first to write, the most under-rated of employments? What saves me? The enjoyments. Gratitude going to my beloved children. But they think it's time I got a bit of a life so that I will stay out of theirs a little bit more. I'm not offended as long as they continue to tune into me...give me hugs, give me kisses. You know, acknowledge my existence every now and again. They're loving, well-adjusted and...a little bossy. It seems the sweet little peaches did fall too far from the matriarchal tree. Anyway, I have a job offer. It came upon the heels of the production of a couple of plays I wrote. I thought: It might be nice to teach writing to college students. I did my whole Law of Attraction meditative fun stuff but forgot to omit written assignments in the guise of this is just a formality from my vibration. I hate when I do that. Ironically, the only writing assignment I'll be required to submit already feels like a D...for Damn. But I've decided that the Universe is forcing me to take a closer look at myself. I tend to be self-effacing. I admire someone who can really stand up for themselves and tell the world how wonderful they are. Is that not what a resume essentially is all about? I sense I'm going to be up for awhile. Though Monday isn't a definitive deadline, it would be nice of me to get this thing handed in to the Professing Powers-That-Be...who want to know something of me...that I want so much to sound amazing...

*I'm really just procrastinating.