Day 4


Your favorite book:

I have many (but these aren't mine). The Alchemist, to name one, has been so good for me but I was given another book on what seems perfectly between my 41st and my 42nd birthdays. The earlier birthday, I needed a voice and, by the latter, I had found it.

"It's my birthday and I cannot find no cause for celebration...*
was the anthem of both but instead of sulking the second time around, I began to blog (9/4/09).

My 43rd will be self-celebratory. The Universe conspired to string together so many serendipitous happenings that I not only found my voice, I found a song that could easily be sung to the tune of Happy Birthday (to Me). But life required I take an honest look at myself. This book was one of many powerful mirrors...


*Can you name that tune?
I knew you could...

Day 05 — Your favorite quote