Random Thought

Do you remember the monster that sometimes lived under your bed when you were a kid? Recently it found its way back to you, and has been spending time in your closet. It's not as frightening as it used to be, and I'm not alarmed by its return. In fact, I think it has an important message for you that would be valuable to discover. I encourage you to invite it out for a conversation. As you might suspect, as soon as it delivers its crazy wisdom, it will leave you in peace. -- Rob

I went over, in great detail, each inch of my old house after my mother and brothers moved away. I had promised to clean it before the bank came. Since she was letting go of so much already, I didn't want my mother to have to do anything but let go long enough to drive away. I left it immaculate. All except, the basement. I could not go down there even though scripts, 45s, costumes, old pictures and all sorts of other proof that we had existed within the walls were hidden there. But, there were also scorpions hiding.

Though I've been frightened of scorpions, I've come to respect what they symbolize --

* Transition
* Death/Resurrection
* Control
* Solitude
* Passion
* Protection

I could ramble on each point as it has manifested personally in my life, in a way that served me, but I think I will just offer up appreciation for having come to the realization that there is much to be gained in facing your fears and forgiving yourself when all you felt you could do was turn away.

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog challenge.