Marking My Calender

I've thrown up, figuratively, 85 pages of a script. Screenplay. Rough mess of a draft...and I'm not sure if I should emphasize rough or mess.

All stories are of transformation even those with static endings are about the lack of it. This one is no different. It's the story of an orphaned boy who has a paranormal experience with his parents upon their death which sets him on a journey to find them in that place believed to be inaccessible to humans: Paradise. Of course, that's what I think it's about. Often, the writing will take on a life of its own and I will find it moving in another direction and usually I'll trust it. No. Not usually. Always.

I had been writing something entirely different. But I shelved it as I kept coming back to this mess. It wants cleaned up. It's bugging me. I haven't had writing bug me for awhile with all the excessive things that had to get done which distracted me from paying any attention. So it wants to be good and the pressure is on. And I don't work well without it. I can get lazy when it comes to my stuff. And I have a lot of My Stuff that's sitting waiting for my attention. So...I made a list. There are 8 unfinished projects. Yikes. And the only reason I blog is to set a date. Not a deadline but a lifetime...a time I started to bring this stuff to life.

K...ready, set, go...