Untitled (but now, Aquatic Rainbow)

I can't decide on a title for this photo. Here are a few I am toying with: Diving Deep. Over My Head. Don't Hold Your Breath. Immersion (the front runner). Submersed. Aquatic Rainbow. Wait! I kinda like that last one. Ah, decisions.

I am engaging in cerebral looping that has me believing that I am making more and more difficult decisions on my own. As I filter through this mind-field of what is me and not me, I'm almost tip-toeing with uncertainty. I'm practicing more positive thoughts but, being human, I have an urge to stop in my tracks and not move at all. But having stepped out of one huge explosion of change still resembling myself, I'll keep moving forward.

I chose Aquatic Rainbow as the title because the others were reflecting these feelings of being overwhelmed. It may not be a great title but it's a happier title. And that kind of blissful cerebral looping will get me safely to the other side where I plan to find myself fully intact. *

How skilled are you at getting things done and making things happen? This is different from just being busy; it's not the same as scrambling around attending to whatever tasks are at the forefront of your attention. I'm talking about actually cranking out excellent results that manifest a comprehensive vision of your intentions. I'm talking about working hard and smart to serve the big picture, not working frenetically and mechanically to rid yourself of nervous mental energy. You're in a phase when these themes are especially important, Virgo. Be a master of the details; don't let the details master you. -- Rob

* I couldn't help myself. :)