Dissolution Is An Illusion

You will throughout your life experience situations and circumstances that hold the seed for fear, do not allow yourself one moment to be victimized. For when you encounter that which holds the seeds of fear, it is an indicator that you need to stoke the fires of your own self love. Love conquers all. It takes that which on human accounts would be failure or terrible and transforms it into a powerful statement that fear and its master is only an illusion. Light does not necessarily change the obstacles of your path, but it gives you the ability to see your way around them. Speak your self-love in conviction, enthusiasm and zeal. Hold the light of self-love high above that all whom you encounter will bask in. -- Ships of Song

I've never felt the deep feelings of failure (Is that what I'm feeling?) until now. That's not to say life has been full of victory but I've learned to cope with what others perceive as great disappointment finding life's ups and downs more of an appointment towards some greater good. Still, even under the best circumstances (and ours are excellent), divorce feels like nothing I've experienced before in my entire life. I think any form of disconnection from another person is disconnection from Who-We-Really-Are or Your Personal Truth which is You Are Love. And if you have tied your happiness to another without first grounding yourself in self-love that disconnection can be devastating. Had I attempted this at any other point in my life, I would be devastated.

I met with my lawyers alone at the courthouse today. That felt right. My friend, with my blessing (not that it was required nor should anyone I care for feel bound by my approval), has moved on. "They" say:
If you really love someone you want their happiness even if it isn't with you. I want his happiness and I do love him. This love that remains keeps me connected to him. More importantly, it keeps me connected to Me.