Tricks n Stones Part 5 of 5

(4) being so knowledgeable that you neglect to be curious:

You've had a Breakthrough!
"At Energy Muse we design our jewelry to help the wearer achieve a desired outcome. Many believe it is Good Luck when jewelry breaks. This can be considered a breakthrough; a releasing of old energy blockages and a signal that your desired goal has been reached."

Well...since they put it that way...

Here's what I knew: Bracelet = Broken; Me = Bummed.

The necklace (above) I recently gave to a dear other Earth sign as a gift. It's my bracelet that decides, right in the middle of doing absolutely nothing, to drop from my wrist. I sense a sudden nakedness but it takes me a few minutes to realize why. As my life is guided by the meaning I give it, I had bestowed each side of the coin with its own symbolism. A sorta yin and yang thang. The Yangs had it...face up and looking at me...like a question mark. So, I got curious about where I am in life and wrapped my thoughts around the real possibility that maybe I have found 'nurturing, stability and prosperity' (admittedly, much in the most strange of ways) and that it was time to move on to another piece of jewelry (and who wouldn't be suckered into that seriously awesome sales pitch?). So, I'm in a place of absolute curiosity as to what intention I should set. There's just so many to choose from! I'm not even going to pretend to know*. And being one to not wear much adornment, I want the piece to be special and one that I can give my own meaning to...in the meantime, I'll curiously take in all the wonderful nurturing, stability and prosperity that I am living right Now!

I might even make a piece of jewelry.

*Actually, pretending to know might be a good way to start...