Internal Day of Peace! Part 4 of 5

(3) tolerating excessive stress because you assume it helps you accomplish more

Wow. My mind read the sentence wrong...it interjected the words "of others" between 'stress' and ' because'.


I'm mastering opening the small and medium gifts
I have to offer -- which you don't realize are gifts until you start unwrapping -- but there is still one or two huge "boxes of stuff" I'm working on when it comes to the finding the thoughtful feeling place of being there (who I really am). It's more difficult because, being human, I accidentally invite in the influential forces that helped me wrapped them and it causes the tape to stick or a label to get added.

This causes stress.

When I begin to stress (or distrust myself) like this, I still (and steal) myself and start reaching for better feelings and better thoughts related to what's going down. Feeling good is my signpost that I'm getting back on track.
I'm in no hurry, which seems to be speeding up the process. And that process is making peace in places I never thought peace could reside which has been a huge desire of mine. Frankly, it gives me hope for the whole world. If I can accomplish this, anyone can.