Whatcha Gonna Do About It? Part 2 of 5

(1) Being analytical (an examination of a complex, its elements, and their relations*) to such extremes that you repress your intuition (the power to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference**)

I used to care deeply if someone didn't like me. I cared more about their feelings than my own. It would consume me how I might change or what I might say to convince them how wrong they were in their judgment of me. That is such hard work that one simply cannot be happy.
Since loading up and heading out on this spiritual path I'm on, I find less and less of these types of people in my life. Those that expect me to be or say or do that which makes them feel better and better about me. Life has become easier. But I know if there are any residual instances, I invite them into my world. And there has been a little bit seep in lately. Sadly, it's feminine energy...one of my own kind. I've decided not to analyze it. I've decided not to deconstruct it to the point that it's all sprawled out in front of me and I've no clue how to put it back together. I'm just following my gut that says: Relax and Let It All Go. And in doing so, I am sending love, light and healing to that person who will, I'm certain, have plenty to say to others about me for letting it all go. I know, without doubt, unconditional love requires practice. It is not something that comes easy in a world of expectation and competition. Jealousy and judgment are extremely destructive emotions and I will not get swept into them. Yet, I will allow anyone the freedom to love me conditionally, to engage in destructive emotions and harsh judgments of me because, for whatever reason, it serves their expansion. But that expansion does not have to seep into mine. And, out of mind and into soul, that is the beautiful lesson I have learned.

* & ** Merriam Webster's on the Web